Thank you for clicking on this section. That’s also mean that you are interested in working together. I have work with several brands such as Sephora Singapore, HairStory UK, Skin O2 AU, and many other brands that you can see on clientele section on this weblog.

I provide content creation of the following:

  • Beauty article – Brands history, vision & mission, popular product, new products and others relevant things as brands requested. This option comes with social media post (Instagram and Twitter)
  • FREE review article – if you read about, I do not accept earnings in exchange for artificial review. This means I accept your product for honest review. this options comes with social media posting (Instagram and Twitter)
  • Sponsored product, in exchange for social media exposure.
  • Advert placement on this blog (video, photograph or commercial word) with link to your requested site.
  • Reference link, digital URL (link of your blog, website or else) to attach on relevant blog article.
  • FREE shout out in exchange for shoutout on my blog and/or social media.
  • FREE collaboration for giveaway, in exchange with follow @feliccine (my account) for the instruction. I will post in my twitter, blog and Instagram.
  • Others creative ideas for partnership or collaborations.

if you are on tight budget, but want to hire me as you content curator, you can do that by filling your email and budget on the form below, and I’ll definitely reach you out. I am also doing any free collaboration with other influencers (in case you see this section), please go to this section instead. For any content creation, do let me know by sending me email to:



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