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Felicia T

Editor in chief

Previously work as writer of several e-lifestyle magazine, she is the mind behind FELICCINE. With her experience in marketing, she launches FELICCINE and gain attention in beauty community. Nonetheless, the team have experience first hand in VIP product launching, collaboration and partnership. She is also the visual designer behind logo, post signature, eDMs and things that you experience on the blog. Her most popular review is NYX Lingerie. Thanks to her that FELICCINE make it as TOP #1 of 50 Indonesian Beauty Blog and The Most Clicked Beauty Blog on 2017.



Contributor Editor

Recently joining the club, she is a great source of every skincare information that you need. She have the ability and knowledge of beauty ingredients. With her ability to compare and contrast the quality of the products from high end brand to drug store brands, she is the ultimate spider writer for full comparison review. She is previously work as the budget planner behind FELICCINE. Her first article is MASCARA (S)HIT LIST.

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