WHAT ABOUT: FACEBOOK DATING APP – the new feature from facebook

WHAT ABOUT: FACEBOOK DATING APP – the new feature from facebook

This article will talk about my overall opinion about the new dating feature on facebook.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced few months ago that they will do the changes for Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. He also share about Facebook Dating apps. The reason Facebook launch this feature is because they notice lots of people link their Facebook account to dating apps. So, why not make it own dating app? Smart move!

Browsing through my Facebook account and discover the new feature is release in Singapore so, I set my dating location in Singapore, then left it be. After I get matches notifications I scroll through the dating feature.

I found something that is really lacking but other things that makes this app is the most secure dating app despite what happened to Facebook last time.

The app has been launch quite awhile ago and I recently join 2 weeks after the facebook has launch it.



You have the power to control whether you want to share your personal detail by choosing visible or not sharing it by turning it off.


You can choose whether you sre interested with the person or not by simply pressing on the option ‘No, Thanks’ or ‘Interested’



I personally like the dating apps. I love to check than other dating app that I have deleted from my phone, such as Tinder, Skout and even OKC with no result of getting a decent person to talk to.

The chat option is not all bad at all. I think it is good because you won’t know if the person has already read your chat or not. The dating apps also not share when your last online. I feel so secure by this option.

The apps is really simple to use. I could just fill out the personal detail in a minute. The only things that I want Facebook to do some improvement is the notification. If you are looking for a date, and was so keen to find the right person. This dating apps doesn’t provide notifications.

I assuming that Facebook want the matches to start exchange the number and go on date but it may trigger people to unmatched immediately. Not all of us are keen to share our numbers, especially toward people whom we never meet.

We can block the person, and even delete our dating profile. The dating feature do not connect to our facebook profile, so it is still totally secure from people who like to spam us or do harassment. Well.. it happened most of the time on other dating apps when a girl being harassed just because she is not interested with the guy. Not all of us can handle rejection, fairly.

You can also choose to match with people from ’friends of friends’ and add your secret crush. So, it feels like the more people you have in your Facebook friend list, the higher the chances that you will get matches.

You can choose your name. Some people prefer to create an artificial name that is not their actual name. You can be precautions to those kind of people

I could say that this is the secure platform for a dating app. You can share personal info without sharing your own social media and still keeping yourself safe. Also, pick the time to reply without being disturbed. You can also choose like tinder whether you are interested in the person or not. The person cannot contact your Facebook account, which I really feel for the privacy that they offer

This app is a combination of OK Cupid and Tinder. You can swipe to the right and read the person profile. Since this is fairly new, I happened to have no ideas at all about how safe this app could be, but I suggest to you. Even if the person have Facebook account, you cannot rely if they gonna make fake account and scam you or else, take advantage of you.

All you have to do is meet the person in public areas until you feel you can trust them. It is not like a 3rd meeting and you go to his or her place. Always, prepare for the worst. There is block option in any social media, use it and report to the authority if something happened to you.

The good thing about this feature is for all of us who is shy to open dating app in public. Now we can just open Facebook and talk to our matches. We browsing on facebook, right? Hahaha..


You can read Facebook Safety Tips that they provide. Everything has to be counter measure as possible to ensure your safety.


Secret Crush

This is interesting feature because you can add up to 9 person that you secretly having crush with and the person won’t know about it.

This option make the apps even more interesting. I can’t find the option as I scroll through it. I will be updating to you guys again. So follow my Instagram @feliccine to see new update on this topic.


If you are Iphone user, you may want to find the dating apps by going to this section on your facebook account:

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