USE IT or LOSE IT: Belif The True Decoction Line Rescue essence review

USE IT or LOSE IT: Belif The True Decoction Line Rescue essence review

As promised last week on Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin Essence 96

USE IT or LOOSE IT: COSRX ADVANCED SNAIL 96 Mucin Power Essence review

that I will review Belif The True Decoction Line Wrinkle essence. This essence is super expensive yet it does deliver a good quality essence that I always looking for. As you may know by now, my skin is dry and it can turn to very dry depending on the weather and what kind of skincare sequence/product that I use at that current time.

Therefore, I often needed essence that will bring more moisturizer without blocking my pores. The problem having dry and acne prone skin is if I use moisturizer product too much it will block my pores and if I not using more moisturizer, the skin will be very dry, and it will peel off eventually.

I already try out skincare product that will match my skin. I have to be careful while using the product and even makes ingredients list of what ingredients that will give my skin benefit and what to avoid, by making this blog that allowed me to share with you, who happened to have the same skin condition and same problem.


This essential contain Herb Saponin that extracted from wild yam, which can helps to build outer skin barrier to smooth out facial line, and volumize skin. The formula is free from Phenoxyethanol, uses Olive wax instead of beeswas which contain moisturizing effects with Vitamin E. No Addition of Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.
 How to use: After using toner, pump out 2-3 times, apply gently massaging along the skin surface.


The product is on sample size. The essence liquid color is light yellow.


I am in love with this product, however, the price is very expensive, which cost me S$ 80.00, and I think it’s not worth it since Clinique facial essence does give me enough moisturizer even thou, it is not as good as belif. I’m still looking for the seller that sell at a cheaper price, I will keep you posted on the new blog post of ‘shopping cheap branded skincare’ or you can subscribe to my blog to receive the article first hand. the form is available on the top.

Have you tried Belif Line Rescue Essence yet? spill your tea!

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The Product is in sample size. See more about the product on the website or store.