USE IT or LOSE IT: L’Oréal skincare product for the White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening eye cream review

USE IT or LOSE IT: L’Oréal skincare product for the White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening eye cream review

In 5 seconds, instant blur effect, anti-dark circles, lines and bags. Apply around the eye contour.

Ingredients: In 4 weeks, eye contour brightening with Vitamin CG and Caffeine.

How to use: Apply after day or night cream, twice a day to see the result

Where I purchased it? at local supermart when I visited Indonesia.

Possibilities of acne/allergic or any trouble for the ingredients? 50% possibilities of acnes will develop. 1% of allergic due to the ingredients. unknown trouble due to no information of the ingredients,

Is it an animal cruelty-free brand or NOT? Does it sell in territories that do the testing? NOT free from animal cruelty because L’Oreal sold in China and also have their manufactured in China as well, but most of the drugstore brand is not even animal cruelty-free.

How does it smell? The standard smell just like any other cream and it’s normal. no strong smell.

How does it feel in the skin (absorption rate)? 45% of absorption rate. it doesn’t really moisture my under eyes. remember that, my skin is dry and acne prone skin.

How many days does it take to see the results? 3 weeks but no changes happened.

How long does the testing take? I took more than 3 months to see the results but seems like after 3 weeks I could see nothing changes.

Is it imported or local made? It’s imported.

Price: IDR 210000 (SGD 21.00 USD 19.00). sell only IDR 119000.
if the exchange rate to SGD is IDR 10000 = (210000/10000) = SGD 21.00 and exchange rate to USD is IDR (21000/15000) = USD 14.00  based on the local supermart price.

For will be = 119000/10000 = SGD 11.90. USD will be 119000/15000 =  USD 8.00


A skinny tube that allows you to put the cream directly to the areas and rub it for quick absorb. The cream is thick and beige in color.


Rating: 1 out of 5


Give enough moisturizer for under eyes – whose happened to have normal to dry skin problem can use this but it won’t solve the problem of dark under eyes. For those who have very dry or oily, this product is not recommended to use, as it not really give any result towards the under eyes and the moisturizer will not be enough to very dry skin people and for oily, it will give you more pimples to be started with.


Nothing happened after 4 weeks of usage, except extra moisturizer around the areas that I use.

Will I recommend the product? Nope.

Will I repurchase the product?  Nope.


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