Turning 29

Turning 29

Life has been in anyways perfect for me. After all these years of living in this world, I could have learnt so much. I realized that not anyone around my ages could act like a real adult.

On 27 to 28 years old, I was figuring out what I want in life. Be it partner, or career or even family.

Whom I want?

What I want?

How to get it?

Literally everything, my past relationship has taught me that in anywhere there is always be potentia guy or douches bags.

We are not in the era where faking are gonna last long. Life is short. People divorced. Judge. Love. Snob. Care. Arrogant. Low self esteem.

I realise I will always meet bad and good people. Life for me is all about letting go and self protection.

I know that I cannot have it all but fews. There is nothing to be greedy by having everything up. I thought last time that getting married is really are important things but I do feel so scared and precautions having to married wrong person and spent the rest of my life just thinking back that I choose wrong person.

I view marriage as a life choice and could weigh much for future.

If I happened to not ready for marriage. It’s never been wrong to choose not to.

Being selfish and ignorance is not in 29 diary. I found myself sharing my things, less argument and more to deep conversation.

Sometimes I found myself rather quiet because there is nothing to talk about. I rather spend my money to do things that I love because I like it. It’s my hobby.

I also found out that I seldom shop that many clothes just because I want it, because I really need it for work. Cafe shop is the comfy place to tell story. Still following social media, I have my own Instagram and snap chat.

Blogging has been much of fun when I am.27 so does 29. I feel I have achieved so much and build my self confidence. Meeting the wrong people is never have to be cry for but rather just a path in life.

Life goes on.


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