Substitute of eye cream

Substitute of eye cream
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This tips is dedicated for all people who still feel concerned of the usage of eye cream, whether it cause because of the pricing set by the brands or by other problem that you encounter before when you use eye cream. We all know that eye cream costly and we have no ideas which type of eye cream that we need to use based on the skin condition around our eyes that is generally will be more sensitive. There will be mask or any type of skin care that are not allowing you to use it around eyes, due to dry effect that they will bring. I can only give this tips for those people who believe and already know about their skin condition, especially skin around eyes area.

if you have these 2 product:

Hyaluronic serum

Face cream (non-comedogenic, oil and fragrance free with rich creamy texture)

Oil serum – Rosehip seed oil, Coconut oil and Virgin Marula oil is what I recommend but for eyes, I believe you can use coconut oil that people always say that it’s not good due to comedogenic but using it because the skin around your eyes is reach stage dry to very dry and the skin become red or black in color, which is you can easily spot, due to the fact that the color is very big contrast with your overall face, it’s like wearing masquerade mask but the mask is black and unattractive.

Then, you are good to go and do the test.

I will only recommend you to use face cream that you already use, if you have face cream that is not gel but cream which is very creamy texture and hydrate your skin immediately then you don’t have to buy other cream. I use 3 cream:

  1. Cetaphil face and body – I use this ever since now when I have dry skin problem due to the use of tretinoid, glycolic acid and charcoal mask. I use this for 4 times and my skin back to normal and this cream is the current cream that I use as substitute if my eye cream
  2. Belif Moisturzing bomb – this particular cream is not as rich in texture as cetaphil but it’s absorb nicely into my skin without giving any skin problem
  3. Clinique Moisture surge gel crem – this is gel cream but the fact that this gel cream will give plumping feeling therefore i will make this as exception, if you have problem with dark eyes that look like a zombie eyes, and you could eye sine lines around the area of your under eyes, then I am sure you need to try to use this cream instead.

How to make it into eye cream?

First, of course you will exfoliate using glycolic acid or you may use retinol during night time, then I suggest that you left skin around eyes.

Second, After you use all the skincare before face cream then you mix your hyaluronic serum and oil serum with the cream that you choose from your face cream.

Third, after you blend it using your finger, tap in the skin around eyes and left it be till it absorb then tap it in again, try to layer it 3 times before using face cream

or, other method

use Hyaluronic around eyes then use face cream 3 layers of it.

Fourth, use you face cream like usual and never forget to use it still around your eyes, this will be 4th layer

End, you use oil serum around your eyes, if you not mixing it with face cream. Prepare 2 cotton bud and dip in the oil serum into the cotton bud tap in your eyelids or under eyes, you can use your finger. Use oil serum in low quantity as possible because oil serum can blocked the pores immediately while face cream (if you use as I tell you above) will not give any kind of acne or clogging pores problem.

You will use C serum in your skincare routine, try to use this serum in your eyelids and under eyes skin, this will brighten the skin around that area and will give complete and immediate result for those who having under eyes problem. I personally like Paula Choice that I use 2nd bottle right now or Skin O2 because I get free Brightening mask

Hyaluronic acid that I ever try before is from these 3 brands:



Skin O2

Drunk Elephant. I personally feel that Banish is really good for acid but if you are around Australia, Korea or Middle East, then you can use Skin O2.

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Skin condition: Mature skin. Dry, Dehydrated, sensitive, prone to acne
Beauty Products Essential: Facial Essence, Sheet mask, Occlusive, Hydrating cream and mask

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