Hi guys, it’s been a long time since I last update on this blog. I believe it’s been almost more than a month and I finally able to just online on my own laptop. Having a job in Singapore has finally come true and the first I do is purchasing all the necessary gadgets such as laptops and other stuff that I have been longing to own.

I guess it is been 5 years since I am on this industry. At first, I was really scared if I won’t receive any job offer like I usually always get. Yet, people come o me and offer sponsorship and editor jobs. I feel so happy that I could finally establish my own background.

“My hard work finally payoff”

The reason I write this blog post is to let you know that I will be back to make review again and more interesting personal stories that you may want to read or listen to. I will produce content again on the podcast and on this blog, perhaps more intense than I usually do.

I won’t leave my side of being creative behind. The real-life job is way too boring for me and there is no satisfaction for me or happiness when I don’t even make something creative. I try to endure almost 6 months without even making anything but posting old stuff into my platform Yet, someone like me who used to be creative is not happy at all.

Saving some money to purchase a new gadget and here I am typing with my new laptop, woohoo.. and this is from my own hard work. I cannot wait to purchase my very first DSLR camera.


As you have already known that I gt a real lyfe job that consumes most of my time. I thought at first I could just continue my blogging or stop at once yet the option is quite hard since I find myself loving being a content creator.

My daily job is boring and my office is way full of drama that I will share on my personal stories article.. Wohoo… I cannot wait.

Anyway, I also have a podcast that you can enjoy, I think I will make it into podcast and article as well. Also, I recently traveled to several countries, and I wanted to share my experience with you as well.

I guess if you are loyal readers and keep clicking on this blog but find none. Please don’t worry, I’ll be back soon enough for you.

Lastly, I wanted to say Thank you for enjoying my content and giving feedback to make this website improve. I hope you enjoy the layout since I have try to keep it update.

MEDIUM (read my article there)

Guys, I have been on MEDIUM as a writer and you need to check my content there as well since the content and the way I write will be totally different content, topics and other useful tips for you to enjoy your life. Such as:

  • How to spot toxic office worker, enjoy here
  • How lonely is loneliness, click here

There are so many others as well. Hope you enjoy it. I guess that’s all for today’s talk session. I will see you on my next article.


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