Hi wonderful people around the world, its been longtime since I last talked about pimples/acne. Well.. it’s been long time since I write my last blog post but anyway if you happened to haven’t read about this blog article below, you got to read, especially you guys who have sensitive skin.

So, let get on with COSRX pimple patch. This is the most expensive pimple patch but very worth it to buy it and use it. I happened to saw gradual changes when my sister use it. It does solve your acne problem by simply sucking all the white head out and the good things is you just have to patch it in your skin for a day but again, anyone have different skin. Some of you may need longer or even shorter time to use the pimple patch.

The other benefit other than sucking that white head out, they flatten the acne area back to normal skin. So, what I do is I will use pimple patch when I go outside and then use Mario Badescu drying lotion at night time since I mostly out and I cannot use drying lotion when I wear makeup right?

We both my sister and me have been using COSRX pimple patch for about 4 months already. At first, I am so doubtful about the products, because COSRX always been the expensive drug store that pretty much actually can be found in cheaper drug store products for most of the products that I have already tried. Yet, this one is really good. We have been trying to use other pimple patch but not as good as this one. So, till I find the better one or the cheaper version of COSRX pimple patch then I will be sharing to you again.


Please don’t use or take my images. I have a good intention sharing to my audience if you are going to take these images for your own commercial purposes then screw you! Anyone who sees these images kindly notified me on – so I can take the liar down!

As you can see above images, from the early stage of the pimples that doesn’t show any white head till some of it, showing the white head. Inside the patch contains ingredients that provoke the white head to come out. This often being used with dermatologist to solve acnaic skin, some by using cream and some by drinking medicine. I assume COSRX use it in standardised dosage and for outer usage. So, there is no side effect.

The one where you need to drink, will give side effect to your overall health. That’s also why dermatologist always take notice and observe each of patient that uses the medication, and they also need to do blood test with some other test to show that they have meet the requirement to use the medication. Not only that even few months, they need to go back and do the checking.

For your information only, I have dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin with adult acne around my cheek bone while my sister has combination, sensitive and acnaic skin. She previously suffers from acnaic skin.


This product is:

Have you try any pimple pacth before? Will you recommend it to others?

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