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USE IT or LOSE IT: Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip + Peach Me up review

USE IT or LOSE IT: Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip + Peach Me up review

Before you guys have some kind of imagination about this product. Let me explain first! This is an exfoliator for lips that come in the form of bubble type, the product is called Bubi Bubi Lips (additional in sachet: Peach me up – CC cream lips). I receive the product from Unpa Cosmetics Global as a gift. The products are available on Shoppe, Amazon and other online e-retailer. This is a Korean product, for those of you who love Korean skincare, this is can be a new brand that you would like to take a look on. Product details as seen in picture below”

This is the first lip exfoliator that I ever try. I never try any exfoliator before, so I don’t know what exfoliator is really look like? This exfoliator comes in form type and when I apply it, it turned into the bubble, which I find it really interesting. The bubble gives tingling sensation, similar to when I use MotherPucker Lip Plumping. The smell of Bubi Bubi Lip is peachy. The product is natural.

As you can see on the ingredient list below: (ingredient list is not provided in the box)

I try to do some research on this product and I find out that the ingredients are natural which I expect to be skin friendly and don’t cause any irritation or other skin problem, for sure!

How to use:

  1. Apply the Bubi Bubi Lips around your lips.

2. Let the Bubi Bubi Lips for 5 minutes till you feel the tingling sensation is off.

3. After that cleanse it using micellar water.

This treatment takes 7-10 minutes only. I suggest for you to do it before you apply lip makeup to make your lips looking smooth and bouncier.

The benefit of using this product:

  • Remove dead skin cells, dirt when you use the pip makeup especially the hardcore one.

If you are someone who has thin upper lips like me, and of course we all want that Kylie Jenner looking lips but so scared to do the injection, or you are someone who loves to change lip color or from matte to metallic to satin. I suggest to do lip exfoliation every now and then.

Last time, I don’t  have any confidence in my lips and only use lip collagen, somehow I skip to buy lip exfoliator because also didn’t try to find out about lip exfoliator. So, having being gifted a lip exfoliator somehow makes me wanna know more about this product. Of course is because it turned out great, if it’s turned out the opposite way, I probably already traumatic.

  • Smooth and shine looking lips

Do you ever see someone closes to you have really natural looking lips and you feel so envy because they have that peachy pink looking lips, they don’t need to use any kind of lip makeup. Me too!

One things I want to share with you is if you keep applying lip makeup, the color of your lips turned into dulls. it eats up all the shine. It’s similar when you use foundation on your skin or eyeshadow in your eyes lids, you gotta take care of your skin, by using glycolic acid for exfoliation or applying eye cream in your eyes lids. The more makeup you use in longer hours, the more you gotta take care of your skin. It’s part of you.

  • Bouncier looking lips

The tingling sensation gives the bouncier looking lips and I absolutely love this part.It’s bouncier and I kinda wanna keep this product in my get-to-go list.


Peach me up is cc cream that I will review on next time.


Ratings: 4 out of 5


It does give the benefit that I stated above.


Size of the bottle is too small and the price is quite expensive as you can see that Amazon sell it for $16.63. My prediction this small bottle could only last to 3 – 4 usage.

Have you tried Unpa Bubi Bubi Lips? Spill your tea in the comment section!

The product is gifted from brands. The review is not influenced by the brand.

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