It cosmetics YLBB (Your Lips But Better) All Day Waterproof Lip Liner Swatches and Review

It cosmetics YLBB (Your Lips But Better) All Day Waterproof Lip Liner Swatches and Review
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It Cosmetics YLBB is a waterproof lip liner with matte finishing. It is automatic lip liner. I bought 2 of it but lost 1 of my lip liner. I feel that It cosmetics set the price quite expensive for this lip liner with US$ 20.00 for 0.017 oz / 0.50 g.

The lippie work well in my lips but a little bit dry, no patchy and pigmented. The dupes for this lippie will be Clematis automatic lip liner with matte finishing and cost about US$ 7.66.


Color/Shade: Romantic Rose. It is pink mauve.


It is a matte lip liner that you can have for your everyday use. Not only it is pigmented but there is no patchy at all. It just that the formula is a little bit dry and you can have it at a cheaper price with the dupes that I mentioned above. I only buy 1 times with It Cosmetics which is this lip liner. I personally feel that the brands set the price quite expensive for their products. Personally, I have no ideas if the brands are focused on skincare or makeup. I have no attraction with the brands, s I can’t give any kind of thought for this particular brands. If you do have any, please comment down below.

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Performance: 4 out of 5
Pigmentation: 5 out of 5
Color/Shade: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5




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