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This article will talk about Sponsorship and Brand collaboration. For any of you who really curious about the topic and the table of contents for this particular articles.

  • How much should you charge for your blog and social media skills?
  • Is bartering really worth the hook?
  • Ways to get on the PR list without sounding too desperate
  • Other services you could do based on your skills.

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Let’s get on to the first bullet point!

How much should you charge for your blog and social media skills?

Skills? perhaps many of you who still new to this blogging things will ask a question “Does a blog need a skill?” is just a blogging. You just type random stuff and that’s it!

If only blogging as easy as what most people think, then most of the new blogger won’t have to purchase or sign up for blogging tutorial, including myself. Blogging probably easy for those who write up as a hobby but in anyways, of course, bloggers want to have the audience that’s the reason why they make a blog, except probably for those who set their blog to private but still they want a specific type of people to read about it.

By writing a lot for a blog, you know what kind of blog theme you want to create and then you develop your own skills by picking up your own style, after that you will gain audience and perhaps few brands are so interested in the ways you deliver things, either because of your English or the way you deliver your topic via blogging and then you are confused when the brand approach you and ask ‘how much you charge if you going to write about my services/product on your blog?” you are so happy about it and then you set the price so high and the brand completely ignore your last email.

There are few bloggers did that. Once they rose up high, they charge their blog innocently in high price and the brand run away without any replies. To avoid these bloggers mistake, here are some specific guidelines of pricing for your blog based on audience:

500 – 1000 per month: US$50.00 to US$100.00

2000 – 5000 per month: US$ 200 to $500.00

I take 10% fees from the average total audience.

If let’s say that you gained 10K – 50K viewers per month, you could charge from US$ 2000 to even US$ 8000.

This does not guarantee that you will get the brand approval based on the specific fees on above, some brand are so cheap and they will try to reduce your fees, you could try to tolerate it if the product already cost about $500.00. Let’s give example: if Dyson gives me their hair dryer which is cost US$500.00 and fees that I asked is $ 2000.00, but they want to only pay $1500.00, with the reason that you don’t need to send the hair dryer back. I take the collab because I will use the hair dryer and it’s a good investment, I don’t have to spend money to buy new hair dryer because I got the new one and the total I get is still $2000, includes the hair dryer. I consider taking Dyson collab, with these 3 elements:

  • Am I going to use this product so often?
  • Do I need this product?
  • Is the counter offer fees is considerable alright for me or is it way too cheap?

Do not hesitate to REJECT brand offer or counter-offer, when you think it’s ridiculous or you are being undervalued. Brands often do that. They undervalue new blogger, even experience bloggers get this type of experience. It’s fine to reject it and I’ve assured you that you don’t wanna work together with this type of people’s because working meaning maintaining a permanent relationship with them . You too have PR list of brands you wanna work together again and NOT work together again.

In many years of blogging, I find 5-10 brands and beauty website who want to work for free or pay only a few bucks and even asked me to deliver back the product. I politely reject them, because I feel they have no ideas how this industry work, and how to engage with bloggers. Bloggers have the ability to reach the audience that they couldn’t reach, this is the time I will say that we have a unique power that brands don’t have and that’s why when brand undervalue your blog, don’t allow it to get into your head and submit to their offer without thinking. Blogging is fun things to do. Brands need people like us to reach their market.

Is bartering really worth the hook?

This has been like forever a BIG question for blogger, whether that is worth it or not, it depends on what we need at that time we are being offered. I try to look up what some other bloggers answer this question. Based on what they have answered, I pull out my own answer.

Bartering is worth it if the stuff is really what you need. For example, if the brands send me a beauty stuff, in exchange for Instagram post or exposure, I will accept it, because I can add more into my wardrobe, write a blog article about it and even take a snap for my next flatlay post on Instagram. BUT, if they send me something such as frozen food, baby product, bedding – things that I don’t need. I will reject it. You don’t have to feel guilty for rejecting it, if you accept everything that comes to you, your house will become storage.

Another benefit of bartering is you don’t have a due date to post something on your blog or even giving a good photography and then ask the brands whether they agree to post the content or you need to redo it.

Ways to get on the PR list without sounding too desperate

I have received an email that think my blog as a brand and these influencer are really sending emails to those brands to ask for collaboration. I was speechless when I first accept it but I try to explain to them butsome of the emails, I ignore it, since sometimes bloggers can be persistent to get a job/collab.

You don’t have to email brands. They have team of data specialist guru that will track down bloggers that suit to their taste and gather the information before they reaching out to you. This is why bloggers get to connect with the brands, even you are being introduced to a brand by other bloggers but if they are not having any feel to you, they won’t offer you any jobs.

It’s like applying to work over and over. You need to do that and nowadays there are lots of platforms that allow you to apply for that, some can be international, some only want to cater to the specific location. If you wanna know how to reach to the brands, you gotta subscribe to my newsletter to receive the strategy to get connected to the brands, this includes you being invited to the events. WITHOUT EMAIL-ING TO THE BRANDS AND BEGGING FOR IT!

Other services you could do based on your skills

If you can do website design or make a blog theme or even do other types graphic design, photography that is relevant yet irrelevant to the main things that you do, you can do it. Since you got the skills to do it, just do it!

You could engage to anyone at this particular stage and that anyone probably will introduce to a new work/collaboration, since you deliver them a good work.

Let’s take an example: I can do logo design and I design few logos for new bloggers, we become friends despite that we both in a faraway location, it doesn’t hindrance us to support each other. I read her blog and she read mine. For sure, as bloggers, you will love to read another blog too, as part of brainstorming.

We all have the different style of writing and some of us are so scared to write about some particular topic that could really voice what we think. For me, when I read how others deliver their own voices via their blog it gives me the courage to tell my readers my own experience.

Find out what kind of things you could do that probably could contribute to improving your creativity. Whether you are good at writing, you can write in an online community that will invite you to write for their weekly newsletters, anything that you could find and you will find it as you dive into this community.

Last but not least this will be the last article of Budget Blogger. if you wanna know more about blog tips! your welcome to subscribe to the newsletter by filling your email details in above form.


Welcome to the blogging industry and never scared to be yourself, always! YOU GOT THE VOICES!


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