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Hello lovelies, finally posting newest makeup tutorial since I bought my red cheongsam on Shopee Indonesia 
actually want to replace to white cheongsam instead but since RED is 福 sign for us chinese therefore I just continue with my purchase.

So this time the cosplay is


Hello 姐妹们,as you guys answer on the IG poll this week we are doing Bai SuZhen Legend of White Snake cosplay makeup. Just a short personal story I use to play as Bai SuZhen with my sister when we still a little kid, love the character so much. I feel she is such a graceful lady and beside that her sister name is the same name with my sister Xiao Qing or Qing Qing. hahaha...
I was very much thinking deeply for a week to how I should do the Bai lady makeup then I come up to use gold and red, since these 2 color is very much likeable during the historical era. I just recently purchased a lot of fabric and since my hanfu is being cancelled by the seller, so I come up with an ideas to use my fabric to play the character. So, I choose white and silver. Lady Bai only wear white and pink outfit.
I am very much excited and happy with my makeup result, I also purposely purchase new chinese fans. I love it so so much. I always addicted to ancient stuff and to do cosplay,  ζˆ‘εΎˆδΉζ„ πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

For your info: Bai Suzhen 'White Maiden' or 'White Lady' η™½ε¨˜ε­. Before becoming a deity, she was a thousand-year-old white snake spirit who received the essences of the sun and moon. Bai Suzhen is the main character of the "Legend of the White Snake", one of China's four greatest folk tales (Wikipedia).

My hair is still short therefore I pick the braided style hair (picture below) for this cosplay.


Preview video is available on Instagram @feliccine, where I change from Bai Suzhen to Bayonetta:

Kindly watch here for the makeup tutorial:

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HYUNAH ‘I AM NOT COOL’ makeup tutorial

Hello love, thanks for waiting. This Friday I am doing a makeup tutorial for Korean look. You do know who is Hyunah, right?
She is 4 minutes member and she is now doing solo album. One of the greatest hit is I am not cool. She has so many different style.

Then I decided to just pick one of her makeup style when she wear the hair accecories with black bob hair but since I am on budget so I just wear hair chain and my new sabrina top 🀣🀣🀣

Anyway, just to let you know that korean makeup look always focus on natural and eyeshadow application. They less using contouring and highlight. So I decided to let go the contouring and just do nose tip highlight. And I also use brow powder to get natural brow look since my brow is really thin.

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You can watch it here:



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Asian Baby Girl makeup tutorial: cute shy


I have been so in love with Chinese makeup look so I spend some time doing research. They have


of brands. One of the brands that caught my eyes is PERFECT DIARY, I saw a lot of their advertising especially their newest lip matte and palette, so I checked out on Shopee App for their DISCOVERY palette - the popular palette.

I saw on the image that PERFECT DIARY always combine warm, pastel and cold tone into 1 palette. So I choose 'FANCY CARP'. For a single palette, it cost about $20.00 buck but it's worth the bucks because of:

1. pigmentation
2. The shade option

Asian Baby Girl Cute Shy Makeup look:

I created the makeup look using the palette alone and I love shade: fish scale and bubbles - it is so pretty and glittery but I wasn't careful enough when removing the makeup so the glitter particle went into my eyes and got it red. Omo! but not to worry, if you happened to experience this before, you can always blink your eyes. The eyes will remove alien stuff that goes inside it.

I created the looks using all the shade below:


Step 1. I mix shades ‘glow’ and ‘burning sky’.

Step 2. I apply ‘wave’, followed by lotus leaf.

Step 3. I apply ‘fancy carp’ in inner eyes and then ‘fish scale’ in middle to outer eyes.

Step 4. I apply ‘Bubbles’ to create fish scales mermaid look.



I like how easy the eyeshadow application. When I use brushes the powder is not turning into powdery. I have a doubt when purchasing this palette before because I never even try China brands before.

This palette is WORTH every buck that I spend, and I love it very much now





ABGirl Makeup Tutorial: DayTonight look

Hey makeup junkies, this makeup dedicated to all of you who dislike a fuss of changing your makeup when you have to go out from 2:00 pm till night time like 1:00 am in the morning on Saturday night.

This makeup looks happened to cross in y mind because I always head out earliest on 2:00 om till 11:00 pm at night but if there is discount or sale till midnight then I stay late, and go back home 1:00 am in the morning. I dislike the fuss to change my makeup, but doesn’t want to look too much glam during the days but I want the glam at night.

What I use for this makeup look and how I do my makeup, watch on my IG @feliccine, don’t forget to catch with me every Friday 7:00 pm for my new ABG makeup look.

Watch the makeup tutorial: