PERSONAL: PAULA CHOICE’s Singapore Work Interview

PERSONAL: PAULA CHOICE’s Singapore Work Interview

Hi lovely, welcome back again to another episode of story telling on my blog. I hope that you guys are having a good time today. Firstly, I wanna say that this article is based on my own personal feelings, assumption and own experience of what I see, reap and conclude from the event.

I currently looking for a job, in case you don’t know it yet and I am really grateful that I started this blog to filled out my free time that is now becoming my number 1 favorite things to do. If you asked me if I wanna do this as full time, probably not but I really love blogging therefore I will be continue blogging as part of my hobby and this I have been telling you many times, because it really nice to have something to be passionate about.

It begin

When I click on apply for a job on LinkedIn that get me an email invitation for interview. This is kind of like mass interview, meaning to say that the company will interview mass of people like 20 – 50 candidates in one-go, before deciding which one that they wanted to hire. Mass interview often happened for a job position like sales associates. On this particular time, I applied for Customer Excellence and Marketing Manager, however the funny part about this job application is I guess they are doing mass interview with many candidates because they provide time slot for each of candidates.

The person who responding to my application is really friendly, and because I will be going  back to Indonesia prior to my social visit pass, I cannot attend the interview on the date that this person suggested yet he manage to spare me some time to actually meet me tomorrow later after he reply to my application at that current time.

So, I went for the interview

I was early and then excited to meet Paula Choice’s Singapore team. Finally I manage to meet the boss and 2 of the crew. The office is quite spacious and I was being interview in a guest room, not a meeting room. They also have Paula Choice’s product to display at my opposite. I was being asked questions and try to explain about what I do really know about Paula Choice’s.


The Shocking Moment

I have never encounter a boss that is really rude. I guess he may be really proud of how his entire career, he manage to pitch high sales but this is beauty industry and it is slow moving goods. Not every brands could have survived in Singapore even thou the market is quite big. Singapore is South East Asia biggest market. When I try to explain, he like to cut, like he don’t even consider me as one that will work with him together, and I don’t know what is going through his mine when he said something like this:

“Well.. it may be good ideas also that you continue to do what you are doing which is your blog, so you know about other competitor and from there, you can sell Paula Choice’s product”, I was like silent. This is actually means that he want me to betray all my client in order to make sales for Paula Choice’s products and that’s the reason he granted me to continue to do blogging. No… no.. no.. you ain’t doing that to my passion, this is not something that I work just by flipping my hands, and whose going to be responsible if all the brands that trusted their product to me blame me for stabbing their back? of course, it’s me.

This is not the only things that I fill pissed off, when I try to answer my skincare routine, they are all like “Ohh.. layering is quite Korean skincare type, right?” I was just looking at them and I personally quite shock of how tiny their knowledge is about skin.

The boss handed me a newsletter of Paula Choice’s USA and starting to criticizing of how much newsletter that they need to make up and he want to keep it simple, because he say that Paula Choice’s Singapore have lots of subscribers, but from what I know. Less people here in Singapore that actually know about Paula Choice’s products and there are really 1-2% population in Singapore that looking over Paula Choice’s products.

This entire team may not have no ideas but keep bragging of how big they are in USA, but your main responsibility is Singapore market not USA. Of course in USA they are big. I know Paula Choice from USA not from Singapore, this is for sure! The more that I talked to them, the more that it make sense that this big brand is hiring the wrong staff and it may kill their brands if this is continue, it such a wasted for Paula Choice’s whose own a big name in skincare industry but get buried down by their own staff that they hire in Singapore.

I think they have been in Singapore for quite sometimes, but I never even once see any influencers nor does anyone on social media mentioned that they use Paula Choice’s but Skinceuticals, another competitor for Paula Choice’s. This brand also famous in USA and Singapore.

What I feel so wasted about?

My question are only one, if Skinceuticals can actually gain market in Singapore, why can’t Paula Choice’s? it is really wasted for Paula Choice’s to even hire this not so knowledgeable team. If you may happened to realize that even PIXI Beauty rose to popularity when they reach Singapore market, people are buying in Sephora.

This is really funny because I believe that Paula Choice’s is also a top notch in skincare industry and could have compete against their competitor un same manner in Singapore. I writing this article because I feel it is really sad that nobody know about Paula Choice in Singapore, even thou I keep educating people that they exfoliation product is the best, and also their resist booster is not lose to that of Skinceuticals, but I was 0.1% of the voice. I can’t beat them up and it is actually the work of Paula Choice’s Singapore team.

The things is about newsletter that makes me SMH, is when the boss said that it’s too many. The things is I belive that they are lazy in making content for newsletter, blog or even answer customers enquiry. It’s loaded of jobs and that’s the main job of skincare industry. You serve customers, if not.. what else? they don’t wanna do that, so they hire someone who can work from 11 am till 8.30. to manage the content of website, making newsletter and all other stuff for marketing purposes also with additional responsibility to serve customer via real life and email enquiry. This is easy jobs for me, because I doing content curation and I did have my e-commerce platform as well. People asked me about product even thou, I only earn commision.

The only things that is my question and I have been totally wandering about it, Why can’t Paula Choice’s be as popular like PIXI BEAUTY or Skinceuticals? when they have set their counter and enter singapore market longer?

What do you think?

Spill your tea!



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