Hi guys, Thank you for keep coming back to my blog. For those of you who have been following my blog journey up till now or have been following my social media and what I have already done there, hahaha… Of course, you know how I made everything seems like a crime scene.

For those of you who haven’t been following me yet. I going to tell you what I have been doing.

I am an old hag advertiser who right now dives in deeply into the digital word alongside with this blog as my median or ticket to go to the digital world. Since I also love beauty, therefore I focused this blog on Beauty, Blogging, Advertising, and Marketing world. Am I a blogger? I don’t know, maybe yes, maybe no. Right now, I fulfilled my free time (since I always facing laptop or smartphone) to maintain the schedule of my blog, which for my subscriber:

Every Tuesday: Beauty review – 2 post

Every Friday: Budget Blogger, Beauty tips, Personal stories and other random things that still related to this blog or maybe not.

I try to keep the blog as the main access to every information that you need, however, somehow I find out that median as below explain is also a good channel to share information since it accessible always from the smartphone.

I going to break through everything in details of  ‘About my social media channel’


I always post my flatlay alongside with review and makeup selfies – how is the wearing, you can always ask directly for the comment, no hesitation needed or you can DM me, I always reply. I will always reply to you. On stories, I will do raging about blogger/influencer, brands, and even the product. You will find it out in the highlight stories. I also do photography tutorial, since the median is really good to share quick information. Last week I share how to make ombre text on Instagram and also some marketing lesson. I also provide graphic design lesson, such as what kind of apps that you can install and use to edit your photo into ‘live’ FREE or PAID one time. I am a cheapskate person. I try to avoid those paid or subscription paid kind of apps, yet since I work in this industry, I need those apps and I will tell you how much you will need to pay for all the apps.

For those of you, who may not be willing to pay for social media marketing or how to boost your online presence, your welcome to see mine and judge, if it’s going to be suitable with your mind and guts. Since every corner that you saw on IG will be all about a subscription to boost your blog or social media. Me, in other hands, doesn’t have any thought to get few bucks for those. All I ask is you follow my Instagram – because that’s where I can just instantly explain or you can subscribe to this blog as well.

I also ask about your preferences via polling since I need feedback for my advertising project or next blog article, and I feel the polling option really useful. I also share templates such as GIF life challenge or wallpaper. I was thinking to provide a lesson on how to make your photo background transparent.

I share about promo code and if any of the brands that I carry is having sale event, I currently carry 14 brands and 2 retail brands, all is beauty brands. You can always find the update of the promo code or sale on the right sidebar. For my blog subscriber, they will receive a first-hand note for promo code or sale. I sometimes posted on insta stories about my personal experience or stories to relate with.. So, do subscribe or follow me on Instagram.


Raging about people in the blogging industry, sharing other blogger stories how they are being treated as prostitute despite how many brands that following me on this channel (no ideas how much).

This is the first median that I create when I first create my blog. Quite useful for me who love to typing. I often told my personal feeling about this industry as well or my personal experience + advising you like an old hag who is kicked out to the curb.

I have my account during the twitter time but let say that I totally forget what email I use and username, hahaha…


Posting a random video with stories of my day, especially when I have a bad day. If you love to stalk of what’s going on in my daily life then this is the median, and sometimes I leave this deserted. since this median, I use to see how useful is social media channel and which one my client need to use.



Recently make the new one. No follower yet. I often save pin here as my next inspiration. so, motivated seeing people are doing so good in their blogging career, and taking that nice picture also have a creative mind with their content.


You can follow me on one of those median if you like. By clicking on the title in the of each social media that you want to follow


Former beauty advisor addicted to travel sharing her beauty secret and her travel journey. Chirping about office and dating life on RUMBLE BUMBLE by Felicia. Writing advice on MEDIUM []

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