My toenails removal experience

My toenails removal experience

Phewww… It’s been a really tough week for me, looking for a new job and ended up in the Emergency room at the hospital. I have been really busy with all the schedule. From US visa approval and finding a new job in Singapore and buying all the winter outfit. Now, the emergency room, before that I suffered from red eyes due to irritation and tiredness, My interview schedule is from the day I landed in Singapore up till a month, and it is every day.

It’s been a tough 1-year life for me. It’s so hard to find a new job since the economy went bad. People are starting to feel anxious about what will happen in the future, and they rather not hiring many people right now and prefer to retrench people’s, in order to save money before the storm coming and I hope we all gonna make pass this. However,

“Hello lovelies! Welcome to my personal experience episode and this time is about toenails removal”.

This article is for all of you, who want to know deeper about medical procedures for toenails removal and the sign that your toenails actually seconded from your body. All the other information you need to know because I will link all the medical article that I felt it is relevant and provide with really useful information. I read it before the procedures in the emergency room. Thankfully I have my sister with me. I cannot see blood.

What happened?

I’m ended up in the emergency room due to my toenails, it happened about 1-2 months ago when I moved my bed to my parent rooms, and I try to close the door but ended up the door kinda eat my middle toenails and I try so hard to plug my toe. There is a gap between the floor and the door, few centimeters and because my finger is thin, it slipped between the gap and it really hurt so much when I try to remove my toe between that door.

I notice when I remove my toe between the gap. The toe is really hurt, it lasts about 4 hours, it really hurt. I use nail polish, I have no ideas about what happened, and I rather not see my toes but protect it. I know that the toes will naturally pluck by itself.

After I came back to Singapore about 2 weeks later, because I ended up in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia for my US visa application with my parents for 10 days and I use open toe sandals. The toe seems okay at that time, not hurt or anything… Well it’s kinda

“I don’t feel my nails anymore”.

I know I should’ve told my parents. so they will bring me to the doctor, but I thought it will heal if I don’t do anything. The nail bed is dry and no infection occurs. During the whole process, I just close my eyes, and my sister recorded it.

Before the procedure happened, I saw the tools that the doctor will use to pluck my toenails off, it was a big clipper.  I get an injection to numb my toes,  then the doctor plucks it off. The Mount Alvernia nurse is really nice and helpful, they really committed to do their duties, I feel peaceful when the nurse hold my hands during the injection. The other nurse does the wrap and put the antibiotic cream in my naked toes.

I reached home around 3:00 am in the morning, thankfully tomorrow is Sunday. I have to cancel all the interview during that time and stayed at home on Monday. I feel so bored, so I decided to just go for the interview but only 1 interview since I am unable to make it on time on other interview and tomorrow I decided to pack and purchase my parent’s medicine to bring back home. I need to attend my family wedding.

On Wednesday, I didn’t feel anything, and this is the day that I undertake the review for my toes. I went to a neighborhood clinic because clinic around my place is closed. It’s quite expensive to just wrap the toes, I paid about $50.00 for that only. Tomorrow, I decided to just expose my toes, because it already dries and the clinic doctor told me that I can just take it off.

I didn’t feel anything up until now and I see that my toes are starting to grow, therefore I let it be and I don’t even put my nail polish on it up till now. I guess the advice that I can share is if you feel that your toes having the same problem, you can either let it be or go to the doctor immediately but if the wound is not dry yet, that will be so painful when the doctor pluck your toes. It is advisable to do the injection to numb your toes. During that time, you gotta be careful to protect the naked toes, so it won’t feel pain nor infection.

Have you got any toenails removal before? Spill your tea!


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