My Travel Essential

My Travel Essential

Hello lovelies, finally it’s time to share my travel essentials. If you have been following my journey, you know that I live between 2 country which is Singapore and Indonesia. I was traveling to San Fransisco about a month ago. The travel hour that I took is mostly from 5 hours to almost 24 hours! imagine!

So, on this blog post alone I share my travel essential that I always bring and its part of my routine whenever I travel


1. Regenerate mouthwash

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I always put mouthwash, toothbrush and mini toothpaste in my backpack whenever I travel for more than 10 hours because I won’t be able to shower in the plane but at least, I can get rid of excessive food in my teeth and remove the bad smell. This product just needs to apply for 3 pumps straight and it removes all the enamels from the snacks and air plane meals. Give refresh feelings. I love it so much. The bottle is not a big size but enough to carry around in a small bag. This mouthwash texture is foam, so you don’t need to be afraid if the airport guard will take it away.

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2. NUXE creme fraiche de beaute

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This is 48 hours hydrating moisturizing cream and anti-pollution – this cream is all I need before I travel. I use this and then if I feel that my skin is dehydrated still, I can use sheetmask. I cannot let my skin turned either dehydrated or dry because it will cause breakout sooner or later. Bringing some facial wash maybe troublesome because my facial wash is mostly cleansing oil and the airport guard will take that away because it is a liquid form.

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3. Sanctuary Spa Lost in the moment

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This is a love box that includes all the necessary kit for my own skincare. I know that 5-star hotel will give all of these options but not all of these and also not all of us can just afford the 5-star hotel, therefore I was thinking why not make my own 5 stars Airbnb by bringing all my travel kit together with me.

Include in these boxes is:

  • Foaming Bath Soak
  • Heel Balm
  • Body butter
  • Hand cream
  • Thermal Detox Mask
  • Salt Scrub

After a day in the plane, some detox mask and salt scrub are all I need. Tomorrow, I will feel rejuvenated and start my journey around the cities taking pictures. When my feet dry or swollen, I can use the heel balm. I always put my hand cream, if you have no ideas the sign of aging is started around hands. The foaming bath soak I can use when I go to the spa or just my own bathtub. Oh! I can really feel the sanctuary already.

Shop Link: Sanctuary Body Spa

4. TESALATE Sand-free Towel

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it’s made from Australia. It is a very thick towel that you can spread across the beach sand or grass. This towel can be used in the swimming pool, for sure. I carry this around in case I see a good view and wanna lay down in some areas. I always get redness whenever my skin touches the grass or being in the sand for too long. My skin is sensitive so this sand towel really helping me much. It is really thick with very attractive printing that you can see on this link.

I choose Tuscany design, you can see all the d etails for my towel sand free preferences on this link

5. FRANK BODY coconut coffee scrub

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After beach days, II apply this scrub before I headed for the shower. I don’t have to bring body wash or anything but this. That excessive dirt or sweat are removed instantly after using this scrub. Just one sheet is enough for the whole body then I can still hang around in the beach till the sunset before I heading back to my Airbnb – no shower needed. My body is still fresh, probably just smell a little beach.

Shop Link: Frank Body Cocoa Scrub

That’s all for my travel essential guide. I hope you like it. I will be publishing my San Fransisco travel article soon. You can enjoy a great view of San Fransisco on my Instagram. Click below link:

Thank you for reading

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