Hello lovelies, it’s been such a long time after I discussed hair stylist on my last article. I guess I will be discussing all hair for a whole month soon. So, if you really wanted to know more about hair, for example: growing your hair stronger or picking the best hairstylist that suit you and how to counter pushy marketing sales in the hair salon, which actually comes from your hair stylist that making you feel so uncomfortable then you may want to subscribe to my article, especially for you who located in Singapore. I hope that I can do YouTube video soon to explain to you even more but right now let’s just connect through this blog.

I have been working as a freelance hairstylist that go from door to door when people come, I am also a former beauty advisor that sell beauty stuff and I am the user as well. I fall in love with the beauty industry since I was 13 years old, but at that time I only able to try to dye my hair myself and try to trim my brow which led to failure for the brow but success for hair, then at that time I think to just indulge on the hair color world. I love to dye people hair. So, if you asked me a lot of stuff about beauty, I may have the answer about it even for the marketing areas. The beauty industry is the most amazing and exciting world for me, I have never got enough and I do understand that why many of you also love to read beauty articles and get to know about it.


Some are blessed to know how to apply makeup and nail polish, while the rest of us have to go to the salon yet we really want to have a decent, affordable and good service when it is involving our own appearance. It is normal for females to want to be compliment by not only your bf.

So, today I will be sharing my hair treatment product that I found, just in the drug store. There is so many good stuff in the drug store that you can use as long as you are diligent to use all of the product but if you are someone who doesn’t want a fuss then going to the salon every week may be your choice. However, I feel it is waste of money. For example: when you are doing hair spa or hair treatment at the salon, after you wash your hair the benefit is gone. You won’t feel that smooth and glow anymore, because your actually hair is dry, therefore doing all of those treatment may not be so much of help but daily treatment too. Such as, washing your hair with cool water, using hair tonic and vitamin whenever you style your hair using hair tools such flat iron, curl iron, hair dryer or even hair colouring.

I personally choose to do all at home, because I want cheap treatment and I can do it myself, also home is like having my own place without many noises, unless I want someone to massage my hair then I will go to the salon, but I will be wearing a pretty dress and hang out afterward, hahaha.. why waste that good hair.

Before we get on to the products, I will share my hair condition first: Thick with big cuticle, dry, glowless because I wash using warm water. I use shampoo such as Pantene Aqua with 4-minutes hair treatment conditioner for hair fall. However, the shampoo that actually suitable for me is Kerastase. They have a soft ingredient but strong, so if you plan to try using this shampoo you will know the result after only 1 time of using it, and you may want to use just enough conditioner afterwards. The shampoo will be made your hair feels weightless like you got no hair at all and it is recommended for those of you who have long and thick hair that is so easy to get sweat around the hair scalp




This is the best hair tonic to grow your hair and even manage to make your hair stronger. If you want to keep your long hair or just to grow your hair then this one is the hair tonic. Hair tonic can increase the speed for hair to grow, I recommend anyone who does hair permanent hair styling to use hair tonic that suitable for their hair scalp. This one small bottle cost about $5.00 while the big bottle cost about $40.00 – $S 50.00. You can try in small bottle before you even go for the big bottle.


This one is made in Indonesia and I have been using it since I was 16 years old. I love to change hair color and this hair vitamin still manage to keep my hair healthy and glowing. I use it every time I wash my hair. Almost every time I wash my hair that I have to use a hair dryer to dry out my hair since I coming home pretty late, I didn’t like my hair to be sticky and smelly. If you are located in Singapore you can try to be in Shopee apps or go to the Venus and Beauty Language store that sells cheaper price than Watson or Guardian. It does work and penetrates to the deepest layer of my cuticles.

3 L’OREAL ELSEVE Straight intense

“Does this product really work? it is way too expensive.”

This is the response that I get whenever I try to introduce this products. The product is working only when you use the right product at the right time. This product I use whenever I want to style my hair or even use hair dryer, because it protect my hair from heat that coming fro the hair tools. Also, after using this I feel that my hair is glowing and smooth without any problem.

This is not hair oil but work like a serum that you may want to apply every time you did something with your hair. It helps for hair styling too. Not too intense as the hair vitamin, but if you have really dry hair and often use hair tools to style your hair then best to use them both.


This is work to add additional glow and protect your hair from UV ray. Right now! you probably think that

“Should I also use SPF for my hair? lol.. this article is awesome to make me purchase a more expensive product”

I don’t get any sponsor or any kind of payment to share all of them products on this article, whether you want to follow my choice or not, it is up to your concern. I can’t even reach to your bank account. Mind you! if you think that way.

This one work to protect you hair from UV ray as I told above. UV ray could cause you hair to glow less as your skin too. When you do not protect your hair from UV ray, it turned yellow to red and then white hair. Some people have white hair because it’s genetic, others may have white hair because they color their hair way too often or even not using the right hair shampoo. You still gotta keep protecting that hair.

This product is also work to make your hair straight and gloss like Kim Kardashian on this photo. This is the secret.

For any of you who still think that I let you spend more money but introducing all of the products. Think again! unless you dislike this fabulous hair style, you can skip the product and not buying it at all. In fact, you can just don’t buy all of the product and keep your bad hair condition. I have nothing to lose, it is not my hair after all.




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