Hello lovelies, today I will be sharing about lashes and brow serum that I have already tested and approved to be working, not a gimmick. Few thought that I consider before testing the product if it is the serum will be really working or it will cause irritation, but it is working just fine. Below are 3 of my choose brow and lash serum that you can read and have a look on the product. Most of them are available on the Guardian and Watson Singapore. For Ardell lashes, you need to buy in the retail that hold the product, I currently selling the product, you can purchase with me by clicking this. Most of them cost about $20.00+, but DHC cost about $ 40.00+


Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator

Review: Just recently try out this serum and decided to include in this article after using it the 3rd time. You can expect the result within 2 week times or less than that, use at least once a day. The good timing for application is during the night time. Such as result as thicker and strong lashes.

Price: US$ 21.00 (If you located in South East Asia, you can buy at my shop alongside with Ardell Lashes)

L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire Lash and brow serum

Review: L’Oreal come up with a really good and effective product with unique applicator that can be use both in brow and lashes. This serum will provide result after 5 days of using every once a days. The result for lashes will be longer lashes.

DHC Eyelash Tonic

Review: This is the first lash serum that I try and provide immediate result, I could see that my lashes is growing more, and thicker. The DHC provide similar result with Ardell lashes. While Ardell provide slow result, DHC provide immediate result within few days of using, and if you keep using it, you may see your lashes look similar with those natural false lashes.


I use all the serum together, applying all of them 3 for more effective result, because each one gives different result. This kind of combination may work differently since it will be in contact with our eyelids when we use it. If you using it together and it cause irritation such as swollen eyelids, try to take note that it’s either your skin react to the ingredients that collide within each others and you may not using this ingredients together in any kind of beauty products. It is common things to happened.

Other reason is when you notice the serum color changes after few week, normally 1 month 3 weeks times after you open the lids, thee color will start to change, if possible try to apply multiple times in your lashes and brow, because the serum will stick to your lashes and then twerk your lashes to grow thicker and longer. The color changes can be spot quite easily, the serum color will be clear and no dullness but gradually changes as you always open thee lid to use. It may be cause because of oxidation. Take note by taking picture or video, re-check the color by comparing it. Throw it away when you notice the color change.

Please avoid direct contact with eyes upon using all the serum.

Have you tried any lashes serum that works? Spill your tea!


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