Dear brands/business:

I accept any kind of collaboration with brands or business that matches with my theme which is lifestyle, beauty and tech/gadget. I accept in the form of a free gift, paid sponsorship, product exchange, advertisement, giveaway, a brand ambassadorship or any kind of collaboration that you have in mind.

For Content Creation, I accept a request to build EDMs, photography, graphic design, animation, a guest writer on blog/website, and any kind of digital marketing contribution for your business or brand building.

For Journalistic, I accept event invitation from any business and brands, Interview on-the-spot or via scheduled meeting, publication of the brands/business and products via this website.

Others, I accept a free gift in exchange for exposure, sponsorship post, campaign collaboration, paid advertorial, advertisement, giveaway hosting or even unique discount code to share with my audience.

Or anything you have in mind

Dear Creative people:

For the content creator, if you are seeing this meaning you are interested in doing a collaboration with me. Despite we may not live in one country, I would really be willing to be part of your digital world and to build a relationship with you. I accept any kind of collaboration that crosses in your mind.

For the creative designer, I have been supporting a few artists by donating to them, not that I want to brag about it but if you want me to advertise your product without any surcharge do let me know. As long as I feel the product is useful to my audience, I will be glad to help you promote your design. #supportcreativeartist


Advertising banner that you can place on the home page of your own website. All size with 3 times of editing. All banner in the form of PNG and JPG images.

Media Kit for you who working in the creative industry and needed an eye-catching resume to deliver your best shot to the brands and business

Website or blog builder for you who want to start blogging or business who want to create their own blog without fuss. Tutorial of how-to will also be included via video call or written format.

Please ask for our sample of design.


Advertising banner placement in my website on the home page. Prices vary from the banner size and the placement

OUR SPONSOR programmes

I accept SPONSOR relationship or ambassador program from brands or business who want to establish a relationship with Feliccine with the exchange of advertisement for their business on this website and all social media channel. Please reach to us for more information about this program.

We are opening class for people who interested in blogging and social media marketing.

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