Hello all, thanks for always coming to this blog and clicking. Thanks for giving me a chances to explore the digital world. I never thought that I able to stay in this industry for 4 years already since I am not someone who can keep Doing something for long period of time.

But.. blogging has always been what makes me feel so refresh and relieve from this mundane life. Where I do feel connected with people who have same interests with me.

Let’s say it is where I can always be myself and share what inside my mind, while real life often form me to put a face so that I don’t offend anyone in particular. Yet, I see on internet there is lots of people that have been using internet in the wrong way.


Many other people dream to have a hime office job where they can work and rest Anytime they want. I did try for 5 years and figured that it is jot for me. The self dedication to wakeup early and rushing for deadline, then one moment there is no project for me.

That’s makes me really unhappy and depressed. While I feel that the earning is less that what I really. This is purely my own view that people who is successful such as real estate people or entrepreneur surely have their own office in their own office. Like those tall building, this owner owned big amount of space for their own office.

So, I don’t feel like working at home is some sort of success factor in my own case.


I am pretty sure with what I want at that time after 3 month filling my time between uni and blogging. I just thought that:

“It feel really nice to just going to the office like this many people and earn steady income than blogging like this”

The reality is blogging cannot earn as much as what we all often think unless you are gonna sacrifice your time to make it happened but not all people wanted to stay to earn with this kind of method. Most probably stick around for some time and then making their own business by branding it with their name.

For example: Chiara Ferragni – she have her own company and own brand. She is the proof that you can jump from blogging to creating your own brand and selling it worldwide.

But not all of us could do something like that. It takes proper person to be involved in that kind of business strategy such as marketing strategist to someone who master personal brand entirely.


The hardest reality is when I thought blogging will be so cheap with a big return that dream come and crashing me.

“I thought blogging will be a good alternative to earn money”

Yet, I was wrong entirely. It is not cheap at all. I need to pay domain, hosting, subscription, internet/wifi product to make an original content. Total for all of this will be roughly about $200-$300 per-month.

This could have been just a cheap expense if I could earn sustainable every month for $2000 because I need to eat and pay my rent fees. That’s doesn’t include the advanced tech such a a good laptop to produce content that I need to do photo editing, graphic design, photo editing, replying email. Not only laptop but a good camera as well and that cost a lot of money like $5000 for 2-3 years investment.

But if you are someone who just recently blog with lousy laptop and smartphone. That’s the only capital that you current have and thus may not help you that much to make a really good artistic content.

Most of us wanted to see a nice visual and then read the content so visual is what attracts us the most and title of the blog, alongside with summary.

So, no blogging is not cheap.


Some other event that I encountered is during the collaboration with brands. Lot’s of brand are taking advantage of me as a new blogger in the industry.

Sending me free product but expected me to return it with favorable review or asked me to share it to the audience.

I was naive, I followed through their pattern only to realised that I have been catfish the entire years.

When I stop receiving the free gift and asked for payment. The bounce back to ignore and get other bloggers who want all of the free product. If only these gonna be playing fair yet it didn’t happened that way.


It may seem so easy to just think.

“Oh! I got blog. I can earn money by setting face value for my blog“

The truth is my blog is significant to my readers or people who is interested with viewing it. Yet, it is not for brands whom does feel that a person like me who want to making me from blogging is so small like its nothing at all to them.

What piss me off is when they think that way but they asking influencer to promote their product.

You shouldn’t be asking anyone help. If you look down on them

There is lots of blogger/creator who doesn’t have any ideas about how to charge the brands. These brands are very much undeniable and unquestionable the people who have a better way to just negotiate the price by pressuring it till someone who do something like freelance and income from project base couldn’t even eat a bowl of rice.

It is funny that they also think they some of us should work on real job. Yes! For sure bloggers work for real job too but the income source are different. Therefore if anyone think that because it’s coming from one person skill so the income should be together – the real job and freelance.

That’s the stupidest thinking, if someone want to earn money by blogging that consider blogging for business. Therefore if the income from blogging is not stable, and there is more expenses (not include my personal life expenses) than the earning. Then I need to start changes the strategy.

So, it does matter to do basic accounting for business blog, especially if I run my blog as that.

To say something as such is really selfish, ignorance and inconsiderate.


During 4 years of blogging, I encountered lots of problematic people inside the business and most of them are coming from marketing, social media and PR department.

It seems really annoying to meet negative people in the industry that you love yet. I won’t say that it won’t happened anywhere. We all meet people who is annoying and/or troublesome in the workplace or even daily life. I cannot expect that I won’t encounter as such people.

I was doing collaboration with one of biggest Singapore retail shop for beauty product. They emailed to ask about potential collaboration including social media posting (stories, 2 static post and event talkshow) the payment are actually just a voucher base that work only on the retail.

It is not the actual money that we all cannuse as proper exchange. I asked my friend about the collab, at first I am well excited because its huge brands. What my friend told me is:

“WTF! They pay you this amount.. some more with voucher. Their business is huge, but cannot pay influencers. Might as well don‘t asked influencer to promote lah. The voucher is giving back to them again as profit. The payment is just product exchange, what! Wadd de hell!!“

So in turned I ask for payment in actual money but they can only pay me for 1/4 of total and that means the big amount of payment is in voucher. I am shock! Wanted to reject but rethink again and again, since I don’t have any income at that time and also this might be the leap of experience.

Then, because I didn’t come for event invitation therefore they deducted my payment. It’s fair actually. I accept it! Even they never explain about it.

The staff even mocked me by referring help for a quotation and I am so confused because quotation happened before the collab begin and they should ask on the very first email not after the collaboration happened.

I can feel that based on the text on WhatsApp that she thought I don’t have any invoice template at that time so she offered to send me the invoice template.

I was really irritated because she made ne feel so stupid and idiot, but actually that what most people think about influencer. We are all bunch of lazy, stupid and idiot when most of us encounter problem like this every single time with problematic brands and PR people.

“Hi, do you know means quotation for next collaboration or invoice? Because you haven’t pay me for the last collab yet? And anyway, how long does it takes for huge brands like you to pay? Shouldn’t it be the problem right?“

Don’t punch a puncher, that’s my advice for myself. If you think you can do certain things to someone that doesn’t mean they cannot do the same things because people can do it, but they just choose not to do it.

That one HUGE BRAND take 3 month to send payout to me after I send really ‘touching’ and from my deepest heart about the collab. They no longer bother me.

This is a huge experience. From that moment,l onward, I will never take any work that asked me to do job first. I will ask for 75% payment as mutual agreement and even sent out quotation followed by contract draft with invoice when they agree with the payment. I also ask these people to have access to my own platform because I am using automated instagram publisher to publish content for advertising or collaboration.

They can access to that platform which will connect to my Instagram. Perfect! So there will be no reason of:

“The last time we collab with influencer, they cheat on our money”

Some people do have this experience but I do also tell them about my experience with brands even have solid proof about it, in case they don’t believe me.

The good brands will understand but the bad brands will still try to catfish me. Lesson learned! If someone is good, They will be good. No other reasoning.


I sign up for agency that act as 3rd party. I get collaboration and settle for my payment


I wish to gain interest to so many of you that blogging is really fun things to do. It’s refreshing breathe of activity for me in my mundane life. I love it so much writing stuff that I am interested on the internet.

I treat my blog as a gem. From setting the design theme, building content and connecting with my audience. I feel happy writing article on my blog.

And that also the reason that why I feel it’s better to have my own income and working on office than doing collaboration then get frustrated by this brands. I still do but I will be picky choosing my work. Of course will not be accepting anyone who expect free product exchange or even not pay upfront.

This is me sharing my own experience and overall thought about my own blogging experience. I do realise that anyone probably have different experience and ideas about this. Yet, in for all I wish that you could understand and place your position in my shoes.

Understand that everyone have different life, ideas, opinions and patterns – that’s why we encounter different life problem.

Thanks for reading

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