Hello all, thanks for always supporting this blog as an avid readers and making everything happened. It’s been a good years of blogging for me.

As I blogging, it also allow me to have the opportunity to meet lots of different people in this industry. It allow me to understand you even better while delivering information on this blog.

It may sound awful that I am thinking to either close this blog entirely and move it to my Instagram. I doubt that I will have time in the future for blogging anymore. Since blogging require times to just do researching, product info, other reviews and taking photography.

To tell you further, I gain less than $500 permonth for this blog, not counting product sponsorship from brands who want to be feature on this blog and making me work to write articles for their products for free.

To the extent, I even think if continuing this blog even worthy my time but I often see how many of you reading this blog that’s really makes me want to keep writing about beauty and also my passion too. While I am still longing to work for office jobs and get steady income, instead of blogging and pisting on social media, that’s not the kind of lyfe I wanted to live.

I am also so busy with my own LYFE. Finding a proper jobs, going for interview, flying back and forth – I to find job in Singapore but social visit pass only valid for 30 days, so I have to fly back to my own country and back to Singapore again since most of the companies not available for video call interview and they mostly skip my resume, therefore I also help my parent business, they have small store back in hometown. While I earn a bit from blogging, I am also thankful my sister have proper job and my brother have part time job.

I just wish that brands who own big amount of capital could give bloggers chances to earn a little bit from their blog. Because not anyone needed services or product exchange but fees as a freelance writer, even thou they have proper job. Payment is a form of appreciation after all the hardwork.

It is also not easy to think what to write. I am also feel that I won’t have enough time to think of content to write since most of time will be between work and my private life. I have been thinking to do Chinese lesson.

So I was thinking to tell you to visit my Instagram: @feliccine, I will share lots of new stuff and reviewing it on the platform.

Thank you for reading my thought. Love ya!


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