WORTH IT or THROW IT: L’Oreal brow artist designer pro review

WORTH IT or THROW IT: L’Oreal brow artist designer pro review

Hello, lovelies, sharing with you another good stuff that I found in the drugstore atelier. If you happened to see some influencer post about this particular brow, just believe them because this pencil brow from L’Oreal is the best one so far. This has been helping me to replace my Etude duo pencil brow and my Billion Dollar Brow pencil

I was using BDB and I find that it’s really a good brow kit as you can see below picture.


Swipe to the left to see BDB brows results

The bad news is these brands are only available in Sephora Singapore and Look Fantastic another retail that holds this brand is still not available in Singapore at that time, therefore I need to find a replacement. It was 1 day full of a journey to digging through all beauty store in Singapore. I realize that Singapore doesn’t really have much of choices when it comes to brow and people rather pay expensively to use Benefit brow kit, while I resist buying that expensive price for just a brow.

Then I recall myself keep coming back to Watson and Guardian, I was visiting each store of both big drugstore beauty retail from Orchard toward Plaza Singapura, and this one brow finally available in Singapore. Then I try to swatch it, full of doubt that this is going to work. Before I elaborate, even more, let me tell you the good brow pencil that you should consider:

  • Etude Duo Brow Pencil
  • Clio Brow Pencil
  • L’Oreal Brow Artist

I also go to Innisfree store just to know that the actual product that I look is sold out, I don’t have the chances to try that automatic brow pencil that Pony’s makeup using on her makeup video tutorial, I believe that brow pencil is good.

The brow pencil that she uses is really convenient since the inner cap can be used to sharpen the pencil brow instantly. This has left me to no choice at all.

“Then, what is it about L’Oreal Brow Artist? Is it better?”


Looking for a dupe for my Billion Dollar Brows, I digging thru drugstore makeup shelf and found this brow artist. Decided to give it a try. After a few times trying I decided to change to brow artist as my essential brow makeup. I still use it up till now and it has been about 2 years now.

That also makes me stop looking for BDB brows since the brands are not so easy to buy in Singapore while buying overseas needed more time to deliver and brow is the most essential things for my makeup. I can go out without blush on or highlighter but not brow. This is what I presume if a brand can’t supply the product when the demand in the certain country is high then it’s too bad for them. They don’t have a good market analyst. South East Asia is a bigger fish to fry, people here lack product that they have money to buy. While some country feels that South East Asia is full of poor people, which come from their own assumption without exactly going into the country and doing the analyst.

While brands such as BENEFIT has gained popularity in South East Asia and most people here willing to spend their money to buy the product because others good brands are not available to purchase in South East Asia. I believe that such brands really lacking in general knowledge of doing the business in better ways. I feel that BDB is focusing too much in the USA rather than around the world, therefore if other brands like Benefit reading that as a potential opportunity, then it is other brands lose.


2 side of this pencil. One side is for the brow pencil and the other is the brush pencil. The pencil body is made of vulnerable plastic that could easily be broken but if one keeps it in the safe place, it won’t tear to pieces.

The color is really pigmented and it’s so easy to draw my brow using the pencil. I bring it to travel as well, since this is the only brow tools that I suit my tastes. The price is around SGD 20.00.




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