How will she be? What kind of mom would I have? Hello there, Welcome to my blog and Happy Mother’s Day. This article is dedicated to my mom and all the mother who nurture their kids in traditional ways. Don’t mistake me, I like my traditional mom. She has been a really great mother to me and insanely sweet even when she nags me sometimes but that’s for my own good, such as nags is asking me to go shower quickly before the night come. That’s normal.

I have been living without my parents since I was 15 years old, people around me keep telling how I behave is because I don’t have a parent around me, I am a very rebellious kid who will say “I disagree” when something is brought to the table. I was born in the Summer season according to the Chinese calendar and bear 2 same zodiac sign, according to Chinese fortune destiny teller that I will grow up as a woman who really bold, and always hold every word that cone out from others lips. That’s true. I don’t like liars, well…. we all do not like liars but we somehow manage to just forget what this person says is the opposite of what they say last week, but I don’t, I remember every single wird and demand the answer.

When I was a teenager, I encounter so many bullying that I will talk about this at the right time. My mom has been there for me to keep me sane and then told me to just forget and forgive since she always is that kind of lady. To tell you more, in our community people disregard and disrespect if you are poor, so my mom has been going through all of the mockery and bullying in the community before she married to my dad. she told me almost everything but she seems to forget and doesn’t really want to tell the stories unless the name of the bullier is brought back in the conversation.

She is a pretty lady, one of the prettiest in town yet pretty is not an important reason for a rich guy to marry you since the community is really shallow, they get married with the equal family. So, if you are born pretty and think you can get the rich guys, just wash away that dream, they don’t do that kind of things. She marries with an equal partner, which is my poor dad. My dad is someone who just works with his uncle and also selling a $1.00 ice cream that you see in Orchard road today. It wasn’t brilliant ideas if you could imagine that someone pretty is married to a poor guy.

“It is a waste”

That would be what in your mind. Some girls do think that ‘if I am pretty, I wanted to be with rich guys’ but, my mom wants to marry my dad. They fell in love, I guess my dad really head over hells over my mom and keep pursuing her, even wait for her in front of her door from 6:00 pm till late night 11:00 pm. A tough love, it is so rare to get this kind of guy in this era. there are too many peoples opinion, online dating and some sort of “you not doing this, you are not part of us”.

Along this time, she have trouble using her smartphone and since she is really busy woman, she often forget a little details about smartphone. Well.. she doesn’t need one actually, she got bunch of different note and locker to put all her details. My dad put her in charge of all of the house. She is the boss of our house.

She is protective mother to me. A nurturing, loving and a very caring person. She always bring her own feeling towards everything and She often cry if something happened to us. She is very protective toward my dad, almost like his own knight.

For these past 10 years that we are not by her side, she seems to feel loneliness and feels like everyone is bullying her. She often asked me to come to her bedroom to watch TV together with my dad at night.

If you see me, I often go back and forth from hometown to Singapore. It is also because I need to accompany her and I do feel it is better for my mental health to stay with my parent, and I kinda want to know how’s their life is, well… worry about their well being for sure.

They are two elderly stayings alone with maid in a house of 2 storey. I am worried if there’s something happened to them. If you asked me why don’t I stay and get married? Well… I may not be finding my future staying in hometown, I like challenges. I don’t lead a life as grow up, get a degree, work to get a husband sort of woman. I feel that I am more to a human being that has my own mindset and ideas about how I lead my life.

My parent get bullied when the kids are not around and my mom never told me. Unlike my dad, he can strike back to bullier, my mom is not well educated. She just finished her primary school and she cannot even speak correctly. She often forgets things, but stubborn since so many outsiders could influence her mindset really easily. To tell you the truth, the more education you get, you will shape your own self. Education is not to be taken lightly. It is very different in terms of how you figure out things, lead a life, plan for the future, even talk toward other people.

When I was around, I often tell her that

This person is lying to you. Come on! how come you get this but the way you do is this? it doesn’t feel right to me. Try to think, mom or just ask your heart then”

And all the event is happened just like what I told her. It’s pretty obvious action when someone want something from you by using mischief tactic to get achieve it. My parent doesn’t have high education but not their kids, we all put education first. Most of their kids earned 3 certificates, and my parent is so proud of it. Since we all started 0 and we come out with 5. People don’t like it, people around us feel jealous because my parent have children whom always stand firm on their side, they dislike and still poke my parent such as creating a new drama or issues. People who doesn’t have a happy family often ruin everybody around them, they are bitter and wanted everyone to know about their feeling. This type of individual is selfish and not to be approached of.


I think she will have a e-commerce business, she is a social butterfly despite many people dislike to be friend with poor, she do have a lots of rich friends who still be friend with her. Sometimes, it is all about personality not finance when it comes to be friend with someone. She owned that business and employ 300 staff. She will wear the nice puffy dress that she love, and still serve us for breakfast.

She will have her own driver and still asked me to go for lunch and shopping. She will work long hours, then come home for shower and late night talk with my dad, because that’s what they always do and she won’t ever check her phone like many of us does in our bed. She will still be a woman who will give my dad a big screen TV, because she know my dad love to watch TV. She will still be quarrel with me when I don’t called her or accompany her to shop. We still be going around town and trying cafe shop.

She still is the mother that my sister always requests for love, I mean most of her kids did. She probably will go overseas to meet us and cook our favorite meal. She has all of the social media, and perhaps have her own blog about how she nurtures and keep her family united. She will be that smart woman that gets a lot of information online and she will bully back those who bully her. She will still have that lovely look in other people eyes. To be honest, I have no ideas why but stranger like her so much.

When we go to San Fransisco and she cannot talk in English, the officer permitted my sister to translate to her. I am actually worried at that time since she cannot speak English most probably she will get deported back to Singapore. The other time, when she at the bank alone, the security helped her and ask someone who can speak Mandarin or Bahasa to serve her, even when she took long hours and other client started to complain, the bank teller will still say “It’s okay, they can wait” It is strange that most people who meet her, treat her really in good care.

I was thinking that perhaps we are not alone in the situation of bullying. Perhaps these people also get the similar experience, and decided to treat other rights because I believe what kind of person you are, then that’s kind of person you will meet, so if you often meet problematic people, chances are you don’t appreaciate people that good to you, and you probably develop negative thinking toward them. It’s like fishing bait, what kind of bait you put, then that the kind of fish you will get. Treat other right and be positive, you will get peaceful life.

Second, perhaps they have big sympathised or perhaps they treat my mom as to how you must treat an elderly. She is 53 years old.

“She is a funny mom, fussy and love to a very clean house. She took care of her house as her own baby.”


As much as I don’t potray myself as a very caring or expose my family on social media. I am just protecting their interest, they dislike to be tagged on social media, especially my parents. They don’t hate, they just don’t think it is necessary to have social media but I think I’ll plan to be more open about my family and tell our stories on my blog, so you will have the ideas that YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIVE UP ON YOUR FAMILY.

When I was a baby, I got flu and I cannot breath, my mom is still a young adult at that time, she marry when she was 23 years old, and has me when she was 24 years old. My parent is in relationship for 2 years, my dad is chasing her for over 5 years. Can you imagine a guy will chase you for 5 years? Very rare. Too much online dating these days.

“What does she does to me? well… her first kids cannot breathe. She sucks all the mucus inside my nose using her lips. So that I can breathe again. Imagine all that dirt, not only once. Every time I have that nasal mucus inside my nose, and suffer from flu”

I cried when I write this. I can feel her love.

I always get cold so easily even when I am an adult now. I was diagnosed to suffer from sinusitis and have to do physiotherapy. Oh! she is not just doing that for me, but toward my other 2 siblings as well. But it not for me to tell the story since it is their story. Again! protecting the interest. Even writing this article and share online, I gotta ask for permission, even post their picture online.

So, what my mom did to me, I cannot even repay her but she never asked for repayment, she just like when we look for her. I am almost 30 and my parent still going strong to keep the family unified.

She is a woman with a great amount of love, very forgiving and with a funny character. My mom is always the most beautiful woman who walks the earth and taught me how to love. She is great with the baby and loves all babies that she ever encounter. She is good with babies.


Dedicated to my mom, and for all the mother who sacrificed to their kids. You are LOVABLE and without you, I have no idea what will happen to the family.

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