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Who has guessed that coronavirus could be so deadly and even last longer than SARS. We all do countermeasures suggested by our government from frequently washing hands, using sanitizer that contains a high percentage of alcohol to isolate ourselves at home. No hugging, no physical contact at all.

That’s only mean, we cannot have social interaction face-to-face. No playing outdoors, not meeting people and eventually since we are just human. It will lead to depression.

The first time I heard about coronavirus is when I travel to Europe. Europe has no coronavirus at that time, everybody doing their activity as usual. I see people going to work, taking public transport even doing road travel.

I remember when I abroad the train to go to Munich, German from Switzerland. A lot of cars, lots of people and everything seems to be oh-kay.

Then I back to Singapore, back to work and then my supervisor started meeting after meeting to cancel the conference. I have talked to the accounting side, and the only 1 thing that strikes in my mind is this is not gonna end sooner. So I abruptly tell my account in the midst of our conversation

“Hey I don’t think this is going to end sooner like SARS. Has anyone making any vaccine? we all so busy to cure those with corona. The medical people are limited while the patient is growing and keep growing.”

But she looked at me, like I am full of negativity. If our company doesn’t do any conference at all, this only means that we don’t have any income at this moment.

Until the retrenchment starts at my company. Few of my friends resign but few others get retrench by the company. They say:

“We need to cut cost, so we letting you go”

And then my cousin back from home, and gave us bad news, that he is also one of the retrenchment subjects. This is NOT GOOD.

That’s was piece of my story about coronavirus. However, this article is teaching you how to beat this social distancing by getting yourself being social.

Back on those days where we all using email to connect with people. INTERNET is the cure, this is what I wanted to say. We all actually often do nothing but looking at our tablet, smartphone, lock ourselves in our room, singing, and making content.

I guess the internet will be so hyped up. The only thing we need to do is how to teach our parents, uncle and everyone we close with. Talking about people we close with, like how many people that we really close with.

Remember when you study social – one module at the school that teaches about human interaction. We have particular people like 5-10 to be our best friends. Then 50 people that we close with but not necessarily interact with.

We plan our dinner with family we close with and then best friends. To count, we only have like 200 peoples but we don’t always interact with them.

Studies of Instagram are shown that you will have 200-1000 followers whom you know and that’s true. You can still interact with people in your house. Your best friends by using video calls.

Reading Reddit forum, doing TikTok video, watching movies together with your whole family, maybe it is also the best time to buy that huge plasma tv. Starting to earn money by writing some articles related to Covid. Like what I am doing right now. Doing your skin caring, such as apply face mask.

Sleep whole days, playing the game because they sell at a discount price. Cleaning your place, or doing something that you wanted to do for a long time ago, but you don’t have time to do it.

For me is blogging, it is been such a long time I wrote an article like this and I think this is a good time to start updating my blog regularly like I always do. Besides, I have bought the new MAC pro, so why not doing something that I like.

I also watch my TV series: Supernatural and Eternal Love of Dream.

If you asked me about my work. I am still working in the office. Singapore is business like usual and I was hoping that the government could just decide to do lockdown because today 2 people found death because of COVID-19. The rate keeps going up and not decreasing at all.

It is scary. If I said “Keep Calm” that’s will be so absurd in time like this. Even I cannot be calm but I can only say

“Stay Safe everyone. Believe in humanity”


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