How I deal with writer block

How I deal with writer block

Hello lovely readers and I suppose those of you who just come to this blog is writer. I have been blogging over the past 6 years already and being a lifestyle writer in certain website for about 8 years in total of all. I also suffer from writer block.

To let you know, writer block is when you have no ideas or moody of what you are going to write next. You can’t even think about it but you still have that passion to write, you just don’t know what to write. It is often happened to me, I do wanna engage with you all by provide content writing that is really interesting for you to read, and sometimes during this writer block season, I post a random stuff to just say “hey, I am still here” because I know that you guys been waiting some interesting story from this blog.

As you have been reader for over these years, this blog is not all about advertisement. I run this blog as part of my hobby and I do want to showcase that I am a professional content writer, meaning I will publish something even I don’t get any advertisement, because this is my channel.


First, I just have to rest and not doing anything for over 1-2 weeks, doesn’t look around and doesn’t create any content at all. I entertain myself. Most of writer block happened, because I exhaust myself too much and I have already written more than 3 articles almost everyday, I need to stop and relax.

Second, If something popped into my mind while I write then I just have to take a note in the bullet point for my future self to read and write.

Third, do something different. I do some activity such as helping my dad with his business or my friend to sell her online shop. With the days goes by, sometimes when people talk about something my mind immediately like

“ah yea! that will be a good information for my readers to know”

Fourth, no social media at all. Don’t read any articles or go on your social media because you will ended copying other people work. No.. No don’t.. As a content writer you must give your own unique idea. If you don’t have any then don’t do anything. NEVER GO ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA

Fifth, accepting contributor writer to your blog. As anyone who want to write in your blog. Recently I accept contributor writer and she is a spectacular writer. Her article has garnish views. Before I publish her article, I try to read first before I accept to be publish on the blog.

Lastly, brain stroming with my sister is what I mostly do. I ask what kind of information that people need to co-related what what I recently do, since she is part of my life therefore she always there and mention things. What I saw is different with what she saw. I

If you have supporting family, you will want to share about your writer block problem, they may not be your loyal readers but they know what they want to read. Most of my family is a readers, and they always enthusiat with lifestyle tips/advice, they often mentioned things that I never even think about.

That’s the magic of having a family or close friends. They are the magic.

I hope that’s help any writer out there. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow me on twitter and instagram: @feliccine

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