HAIR (stylist never told you)

HAIR (stylist never told you)

Your stylist would never tell you this


Of course, they won’t. why would they? if you need them to style your hair. Keep it hiding without your knowledge is the best method to earn more money. Well.. for some stylist that has been in their life for over their years of being one, while others prefer to tell you an honest answer.

On this article, I will tell you everything about hair that you need to know before taking into your heart everything that your stylist say about your hair. Before we going through that discussion, I will tell you my background of hair, I have been styling my own hair for over my years of life except, cutting. I need someone else to cut my hair. From perming, straightening, curling, coloring or even hair treatment. Most of them I did it myself, I purchase with a salon supplier and do it myself. The reason why? it is because I can do my hair.

I have been experiencing with all kind of hair tools, liquid for hair color, perming, straightening and all of those things. I was planning to open my own salon back then because I know this shit. Don’t you dare question me?! your hair stylist just graduates from O level and they apply to work in a salon because they have a passion for this type of job. Don’t joke with me, please! it easy money. Per cut, you can be earned about $50.00, who doesn’t want? There is no good type of school that provides a legitimate certificate for MUA’s and hair stylist to even show off about it, so there is no legit concept about what is a good hairstylist or MUA’s but, you can know based on your own experience in picking up a good hair stylist.

For someone who knows about hair, like me. It is easy for me to identify a good hair stylist for a moment. I know that in a slight moment whose hair stylist is lusting for money and whose is pursuing it as passion. There are many hair stylists that pursuing as a passion but not anyone does that as passion. People tend to think before they learning about hair that this gonna be the job that makes them earned more. While earning more equal to work overtime, that’s the fact. There is no high salary with flexible time hour or less responsibility, please don’t joke!

Let’s go through the topic one by one. Scroll below.



“You can color or perm you hair after 2-3 month, but you need to always do the hair treatment every once a week. At least once every 2 week

This is the marketing gimmick. you can never curl or perm your hair after 2-3 month, it will dry. You can only do it after 6 month period and prior to whether you do hair treatment daily, such as using hair vitamin, conditioner, hair spa and less use of hair tools.

“Your hair cuticle cannot blend the colors, that’s why the color become bad like this”

If a hairstylist tells you this, that’s mean he got no skilled to do hair coloring. The hair color involves a white bottle that contains peroxide of 8%, 12% and a much higher percentage and this percentage are contributing to your hair color. They need to use the right one. The reason why hair stylist tell you this is because either that have no ideas, or they are lazy to mixed up, again and again, the color. Wel.. if they did mix up a lot of hair color ingredients, imagine total cost that they need to spend in order to re-supply all of those.

“Using a hair serum will make your hair smooth and solve your hair cuticle”

You can use the serum when you want to dye your hair, before that or do the hair stylist that involve hair tools that could potentially make your hair dry. Hair serum alone cannot solve your dry hair.

“Cutting straight point, will make your hair even thicker”

The hairstylist got no skilled to cut people hair. I don’t know why they even be a hair stylist. Such as excuses! The way to make your hair thicker is by cutting it short and doing a bit of layering to make it appear thicker. Layering is a concept of camouflage your hair condition entirely.

“Hair treatment is the best method to solve any kind of hair problem”

The contribution to overall hair health from treatment is 6%-10%, it doesn’t. If you want your hair to stay healthy is by not doing any kind of hair styling but cutting only.

“By doing this kind of treatment that is different from any other because it involves cooling hair straightener”

Well, put effort to more hair damage by giving false excuses for that. I did doing it at that time and the next day, all those benefits are gone. It causes my hair to be sticky, not at all benefit. it just the whole marketing concept to earn more money by explaining it is a ‘new’ hair treatment.


The development of hair tools

The new technology of hair tools is really advance quickly these days, and whether should we be happy about it, that depends on our budget to spend it on a good hair tool. If you are someone that really using a hair dryer every day, attaining a good hair dryer will work the best for you. Not because I need to advertise it, by the fact this article is no advertisement and sponsorship involvement.

The fact that good hair tools will be giving a good hair condition is a better investment rather than keep complaining about dry hair root. Of course, that also involves a good hair treatment that will keep the moisturizer in balance within our hair root. Giving you the reason that hair dry will contribute to hair fall. It is not because of strong hair root or else matters, but if the hair is dry and you using the straightener, that’s will surely make the hair fall.

Tools such as GHD hair straightener doesn’t eat your hair, this has been a solid proof by lots of use of this particular products, while people tend to rely on Dyson brand as part of their hair tools routine. Dyson hair dryer doesn’t cause any dryness within the hair root, and it is so far a good investment for those who seek a natural wind flow to dry their hair. Dyson doesn’t dry hair in a quick way because the hair dryer really takes a slow progress to even dry my thick hair but there is less hair fall when I use this product.

I personally will choose a hair dryer that I can set the temperature and will have a strong wind to save more of my time to get ready.

What is considered as a healthy hair?

All of the hairstylist that you meet will tell you about your hair, I guess they are more to criticizing the current condition of your hair, saying stuff that previous hair stylist hasn’t done a good job to your hair or you lacking attention of your hair.

If I tell you that most of them speaking bullshit, what will you do? get angry with your hair stylist?

I won’t be doing any of that but keep silent. However, let me tell you the truth.

The concept of healthy hair is when the hair has never exposed to any hair chemical before and not even using those shampoo that contains SLS or paraben, but whatever.

We need to wash our hair, and surely by even washing that our hair will deem to less healthy, the additional reason is when the environment that we live in is polluted. So, if you want a perfectly healthy hair is by living in the mountain isolated from all chemical.

I guess that’s all for this article. Tell on the comment below, what kind of criticism and marketing gimmick you get from hair stylist?



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