For Readers and Subscriber

For Readers and Subscriber

Hi guys, it almost end of the year and this blog is 3 years old now. I wanted to thank you for each and anyone of you who decided that FELICCINE gonna fill up you day and to you who subscribe to my blog. Thank you, every time I see my statistic, my heart jump with excitement and I would never thought that I could made 58K readers.

I won’t even expected that first year I gather almost 20k readers. I never thought that this blog could survive up till now. The collab that I made for this blog, you could say as low as anyone would expect. I didn’t receive income but commission only for any unique code or affiliate link that you use but to be honest,the income doesn’t allow me to feed myself nor does allowing me to make this blog survive. Up till now, I still use my own pocket money to make this blog survive, because I take this as part of my happiness.

I did get some collab invitation, that I won’t be lying to you. It’s quite easy in Singapore to get some collab but that’s doesn’t involve money but exchange of service which I happily took. Some did involve money, so I need to filtered it out, because I can’t really took seriously the business that paid for review. That’s also make me to spend my own pocket money for my blogging hobby.

 My blog is my happy pills

This blog is my happiness pill, it is similar to people that love to play basket ball or swimming. We choose our own potion. I love shopping, especially makeup since my passion is cosmetics. I plan to fill this blog with my sightseeing experience, you can expect review about the places that I visit, since I plan to visit with my family.  We haven’t been traveling since 10 years ago. Everyone of us live in different country and we really valued time that we spend together.

This is also why sometimes you won’t be seeing much of update on this blog. Not because I bored of blogging, that won’t happened. I won’t be bored because of blogging, I’ll try to took my time to fill you with update when I go for holiday but probably there won’t be any notification on my social media but newsletter, so for those of you who tired of checking, try newsletter. You will get update each week. I will be doing travel planner and budgeting for you in complete version. You will see Instagram worthy place for sure, so you can also follow me on Instagram to see live stories the places that I visit, if you feel that taking picture is not clear enough for your imagination.

I read these..

Article about how blogging doesn’t contribute to your income because you have to treat your blog as business. This advice is good for those who doesn’t work in office, such as student who want to earn pocket money from blogging or housewife who doesn’t have much to do, someone like me who looking for a job or perhaps a company who need blog as part of their website. Blog has powerful influence because it’s median to share someone thought about something, and it contribute to the overall information that we receive. We love people opinion, and their creative ways to led us know how to do things that we once never know how to do it.

For example: I need a blog that talk about how to go to Johor Bahru using fast train from Singapore. So, I read this mommy blog that take unfiltered picture and video of the train and how to go there. It’s not a pretty content but so far I feel very much informed and also I can ask here via comment.

Another one is when I asked a girl about lasik, she tell about the procedure and her feeling when she prepare to do the surgery. It’s all relatable to our everyday life. When I asked question, she is so happy that she can help me by answering it.

Do they want to monetize from the information? no.

Do they have lots of engagement? of course. they made 100 comment.


People who blogging not from passion but monetization

People like blogging so they blog, but I won’t deny that some people do blogging because they want to monetize it. I saw few bloggers doing so and some of them success since they talk stuff that they like. Some bloggers close down their blog and blabbering about how they don’t get enough sponsorship to make the blog survive. In other words, that just to say she is doing it for the sake of free stuff.

Then they probably move to YouTube. To be honest to gather 100 subscriber is even harder in YouTube. Not anyone have the time to watch YouTube but anyone will open a website and read while they are on train or waiting. That’s why people still read printed newspaper. I see RichLux talking about how people doesn’t read these days but watch. Perhaps that’s only happened in his circle of life, but definitely not everyone feel the same, Agree to disagree.

I watch YouTube and read blog, he probably should have said people tend to watch than read these days. the percentage of people who watch is far higher than people who read. That’s true but still not applicable to anyone. if it is applicable to anyone, then why are you reading this blog?  Point taken?

Anyway, I will do chit chat session on this blog and probably will be often updating it. I will talk about my personal experience such as friends relationship or anyone who I encounter in real life and what happened about me and them.

See you on our next chit chat!



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