FENTY BEAUTY gloss bomb swatches and review

FENTY BEAUTY gloss bomb swatches and review

Hi lovelies, do we even need review for this one? haha.. Well.. as you may notice we all love FentyBeauty Gloss Bomb is the most popular lippie out there. The quality matches with the price. I never regret buying it and collect all of them lippies. so, you will see all the swatches for all 3 Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, if Rihanna decided to make another shades, I am going to buy it and do the swatches again.

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb contains 3 shade in total: pink, white transparent, and peach. It contains a little bit of glitter that is soft and doesn’t cause any itchiness at all. When I use it, it provides my upper thin lips with bomb finishing meaning it enhances the lips to look bouncier. I love the colour too. There is no minty feels like DIOR Lip Maximizer Collagen, if you have that one. Both finishing are different, Fenty Beauty is a thicker version of DIOR it gives the effect of bouncier lips, while DIOR lip maximizer finishing are more transparent and natural looking.

Top: FU$$Y

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb is a lip gloss while DIOR lip Maximizer is lip gloss with an effect of making your lips bouncier by providing the minty feeling, it works as lip care as well since it gives your lips collagen. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb doesn’t do that. This is doesn’t mean that DIOR Lip Maximizer is better than Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.

The function, shade and also the finishing is different. Both are totally different product. If you have thin lips, I suggest you use lip gloss more than matte lipstick, since matte are served for only natural bouncier lips. Even Paris Hilton is still using lip gloss up till now.

The packaging is thick plastic looking glass that is durable and pretty to look up but if I use really flat hand bag, this may pop in my hand bag. Easy to use since the stick is short and handy to just frame up my thin lips.

That’s all about Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb if you haven’t bought it. I think you should.


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