Hi lovelies, Thank you for clicking on this article. this means that you care about your vagina health. Firstly, I will say this article is from my own experience and my own knowledge that I get from that. I know that what we eat contribute to our overall health even down there, hope this will enlighten you with odor smell that coming from the area

This begins when I use a brand for my menstrual pad. I have been using this brand, let’s called it ‘L” brands for quite sometimes. I realize after going back to my OBGYN that this particular pad is not suitable for my skin and cause irritation, since I complaining that I suffer from outer skin itchiness around the area, every time during the period.

My OBGYN told me to try menstrual pad that is soft, then I keep looking around Watson and then decided to try Kotek brand. I found this brands after my sister mentioned 1 mommy influencer that talks about female stuff on her Instagram. Therefore, I decided to give it a try.


The good pad

Kotek menstrual pas is really flexing, no fragrance and so soft like a real cotton, while L brand is not all made of cotton but plastic. So the outer line of the L brand pad is made from plastic while Kotex cover it with a thin layer of cotton. Plastic could cause irritation to my skin, such as redness and itchiness. The pad for L brand doesn’t flex and it often folded cause the blood stain in my underwear. It doesn’t stop, during night time, the pad doesn’t really stick to my underwear causing it to move and the next morning I have to wash my bed cover because it covered with blood stain.

It does make me have more jobs to do, while I have work, need to wash my own clothes, cook and even suffering from tiredness and fatigue. I cannot sleep during my menstrual period times, my body is so hot and it causes sleep disruption but my job also contributes to that. Looking at the light screen makes eyes tired but awake. While using Kotex, I don’t have to do all those additional jobs.


Scented Pad

I know that during menstrual period especially those who suffered from vaginal discharge will often use the scented pad, but don’t you know that scented pad is the cause of vaginal discharge or even odor smell around the area. Using a scented pad is not advisable by my OBGYN, because of that reason.

We have to realize that brands are the provider of whatever things that we want them to make in exchange for profit, but it is up to us to know that this thing is good or bad for us to consume.

I hope that this article will highlight to you more about the health of your female area. To see the demo about the menstrual pad, click here


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