Does being a Beauty Blogger must be pretty & perfect?

Does being a Beauty Blogger must be pretty & perfect?

Hi guys, welcome to my blog where I always talk stuff that interest me the most and sharing with you about my own thought about people thought in general.

Confusing eh?

I talk what society think, talk and even discuss about.

So, what this time?

I was scrolling through instagram till I find Caroline Hirons tweet about a girl who calling her old and not up to game. She was pointing out that Hirons is not pretty and old. I was like “ewww.. is that how people think these days? Beauty blogger have to be ‘beauty’, perfect and bla bla bla..” because I am not, I have chubby face, chubby arms and chubby tight. My teeth is not as brilliant as most people think. Old too, 29 years

“I am not perfect”

I shouldn’t be a beauty blogger, I need to close this blog and hide myself (“but, am I gonna?” –  PewDiePie).

I feel that people being so mean these days because they absorb too much ‘perfection’ on Instagram and they kinda pushing other to “you must be like this and that”, up to their demand. Most of us think about that.

It’s hilarious in some sense that I just don’t understand people who look up other upside down and pose face that they are that perfect. Buying channel bag is really ‘high class’ for some of them who think that buying expensive things will generally makes their life level up.

Well.. if you can afford it, then of course but why pushing yourself to buy things you can’t afford. There is lots of inspired brands that you can afford, use it! Well some people do like the design despite the brands. I am not against anyone who buy fake branded bags or shoes but for sure not fake makeup. That’s gonna be pain in the butt for your skin.

Just talking real stuff here, babe!

Back to the topic

I was so curious so I dig about it on the internet, like I always do and believe me! I guess it’s a thing these days. It’s a thing that beauty blogger have to be perfect. Inject nose or lips, pose pretty selfie, make pretty video and wel… must all be pretty. My ownself believe that anyone can be a beauty blogger no matter how they look or how old they are because I read beauty blog, There is things that I don’t know about but other bloggers know. Despite how they look, I focused on their content. It’s their content that going to be really useful for my skin well being, for sure. The things is people will definitely mock those who is ugly, people trying to make up something such as ugly people doesn’t deserve to be talented, having a good career, popular or even date a handsome guy. Well.. it’s shallow kind of thinking but I see it everywhere in the world. Everytime I walk or take public transport people are like

“… but she is ‘it girl and I am….” or “he is so ugly, why he even think that I will going out with him?”

I guess people are hype up with thess ‘pretty’ things. Remember! Daryl Aiden case about copyright where he posted all pretty things and turned out we all being catfish and even the brands too. We have no ideas that most of his post are photoshopped. So caught up with all pretty stuff. This is jusg my own thinking:

Everyone can be a beauty blogger

Because our skin changes as we ages, different skin need different treatment. I will not be having those red pimples in my 29 years old age, but I will suffer from dryness and wrinkles, probably some adult acnes as well. I pack more skincare and less makeup these days. I become so concious over my skin and what I eat. My lifestyle change, I like staying at home rather than going out. Prefer travel than night club. As I say this, there is not much of blogger who give good informative content and not all ages have bloggers. For example, Hirons cater to readers around her ages which 35 to 45, while mysslf not catering to those ages but 24 to 30, because both demographic of readeds have different need and I cannot cultivate to hirons readers because I have 0 knowledge about their skincare need. So, don’t mock blogger who m you think is ‘old’ because your mom may need to read their informative content ir your aunt or even yourself next time.

We grow old not young.

And if you have information, experience and knowledge – you can always share it through blog. Write about it and enjoy yourself. I’ll be willing to visit your blog and share. Give yourself chances to grow.

Comment down below if you think the same or you have different thoughts about it.


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