First Impression: BEYOND Healing Force Professional Scalp Shampoo

First Impression: BEYOND Healing Force Professional Scalp Shampoo

The herbal shampoo is eco-friendly shampoo as stated on their website. The shampoo smell is really herbal, I use it in this one mini bottle sample *sample upon purchase in BELIF store. The shampoo gently removes dirt from my hair scalp and doesn’t make my hair dry.

This is the first time and I feel that the Korean brands putting an effort in what we consider as healthy, even thou some of Korean brands skincare contain fragrance which contributes to skin irritation. when I open the bottle, the smell is really strong but after I used it, it doesn’t smell strong at all.

I feel my hair is quite healthy after I tried in 1 mini bottle.  I have been suffering dry hair recently and also because if my dry hair, it makes the hair fall even more than it normally does. Dry hair could let to hair fall because the root is not strong enough. It’s like a withered flower. Using shampoo alone is not enough, so I tend to lessen using the hair dryer and even flat iron.


We all have a different schedule in term of cleansing our hair, some people who have long hair tend to wash it either 2-3 times once a week. While people who have short hair tend to wash it every days.

The schedule that I will recommend is to wash every 3-4 times a week, either you have short or long hair, exception for those who tend to do sport or gym. You may need to wash it regularly but try to avoid using the hair dryer and more vitamin, conditioner or even leave in moisturizer.

If you are someone who minds having hair that is not in the right place and you tend to use the hair dryer or even flat iron, it is better to apply leave-in moisturizer before you use that.

How to?

apply leave in moisturizer before hair dryer, this may take longer to dry but you don’t have to keep up with the dry hair problem and use hair tonic beforehand.

Then after you use the hair dry, you wanted to use iron flat, try to re-apply the leave in moisturizer.

Don’t forget to trim your hair once a month.



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