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This is from email that you sent to me. I share on this section, so everybody will also get the knowledge

1.   I am using a brand X lip matte and it cause minor bleeding around my lips? Is there any ingredients that you recommend to avoid?

All of makeup contained harmful ingredients, that is why your traditional and conservative parent always said “don’t use makeup too much”, Mica, Talc or even Sulfate and so many others is categorize as harmful ingredient but without these ingredients, beauty brand can’t produce a makeup for you to buy and use. With the additional reason that without the ingredients, you may not like it too. It doesn’t blend well. The colour of the lip matte. As you know that Lip Matte is the new invention that is being made popular by Kylie Jenner. Therefore, the only suggestion that I could ever give to you is try to lessen the use of your lip matte or try to dissolve the lip balm from the brand that you trusted the most into the lip matte BUT this however, will change the intensity of the matte, other will be exfoliation and lip balm. More balm the better if you use it everyday BUT try not to use it everyday. I am not recommending my readers to use it when they go to office or class, because you are always be under air conditioning room and it’s going to dry up your lips and skin, what you need to use is not even lip makeup at all BUT Lip Balm. However, I will have mercy for satin lipstick with hydration effect (try to see dimethicone in ingredient list) or lip gloss is alright.


2.  I encounter that DECIEM/The Ordinary skincare have 2 link and probably one is fake? Am I buyin fake product?

Please take your note for that. DECIEM have 2 site: and that will led to their official website with same layout and everything is the same. So, if you buy their product and the packaging contained any of the website link that I provided above then it’s alright. I did asked them directly after my readers give me the question. Please take not that the similar question such as this question, it’s better to asked directly with the brand. We are not handling any production of the product but to delover review. You can ask about the product but irrelevant question will be ignored completely.


3.  Do FELICCINE accept any content submission and what is the criteria?

We are currently not accepting any content submission just yet, however, we are going to need permanent writer in the future as our intern. We are planning to do collaboration with MUA’s or other makeup junkies (influencer) in the future. We are still in the midst of planning procedures.


4. My skin become red after I use my new skincare?

Your skin become red can be cause by 2 reason:

First reason is, because your skin is dry therefore when you apply the skincare, the skin not feeling used to the new product. You need to apply a lot of face cream in the area that is very red

Second, it’s skin allergic. If you feel that you always do skincare routine according to your skin need.

Please ask your doctor for professional advice and solutions.


5. Do you accept any reference from beauty or any website for you article or post?

We are accepting references that is less using affiliation link or monetary gain website. You can still use it but in the right manner. We are not a website that giving selling point as main object but providing the right content to our readers. So far, we will be using your site as reference, if:

We are conducting review of the product that is in your site

We feel that your article is providing the right information that we need.

Other alternative if you want your site to be notified by our readers is by:

Advertise it with our channel

Sending us the product that you want us to use as reference, but we have to conduct product testing before we are agreeing with the article or references that you made.

Please do understand that we have our own consent for the safety of our reader that will buy and use the product. We will ignore. In case you plan to pursue us by sending email more than 2 times. This is has happened before and we feel disturbed by it. Thank You for understanding


6. Can I use my girlfriend or wife skincare?

Skincare work for both male and female, there is no specialization for men skincare, except those brands who wanted to earned more money by giving you manly packaging not pinkish or nude packaging when the ingredients inside is the same. Determine what your skin need and your skin problem first before going anywhere and try out everything. You need to pay attention of your skincare routine and the right way to apply it, you can definitely discuss with your girlfriend about it. It’s not about manly or not, we all human being that it’s necessary to want to have a great skin. So, why don’t you do facial mask with your girlfriend or going to beauty salon every now and then, eating healthy with her? This is new activity to do. You can also save more money by sharing skincare, if you both are living in same apartment. The tools that you use to trim your facial hair need to be clean out, other stuff such as your hormonal issues and if you drink protein milk to atone six pack is also the causes of skin problem mainly acne and white heads.


7. Skincare product with label ‘suitable or formulated for Asian skin’. Is it suitable for other race skin tone?

Asian tend to use more than 6-7 skincare product in one- go and they demand better product quality without worrying have to pay more expensive. Asian are focused on more skincare rather than cosmetics, and they tend to have dry skin with big follicle hair. This is where a high-end brand or Asian brand know about it and create the product and labeled it ‘For Asian skin’. In this case is it going to be suitable for other skin race? This is going to be suitable when you try to look up the product ingredients and try the product because we all have a different skin condition and same applied to each other Asian. Asian also have oily, combination and even dry skin. However, Asian skincare will use more organic skin and doesn’t mind to put artificial fragrance on the product.