Beauty tips: all about my acne treatment experience

Beauty tips: all about my acne treatment experience


This treatment of acnes that I going through takes on between  2-3 years. The skincare product that I used is:

  • Therapeutic moisturizer, comes in 2 types: lightweight textured and hydrator
  • Rectanyl – in the form of Tretinoid 0.5% and 0.025%
  • Differin gel, that I now stop using it. This is a typical acne gel that is used in all face and act to prevent and treat acne
  • Clyndoxyl or Benzac, which strong acne cream that could cause acne.

I explain how I do the sequence:

First, I using Therapeutic moisturizer (lightweight textured moisturizer) because it’s lightweight and fragrance-free. This moisturizer ’s whole completely different from any moisturizer I ever use, it’s not sticky at all, never give me any pimples at all cost. This is very sheer lightweight formulation is excellent as a makeup base or may be used alone.

Direction to use: Apply sparingly to damp skin after through cleansing or as directed by your physician.

Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of small children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If irritation develops. Discontinue use.

Second, I use DIFFERIN adapalene gel (0.1 % – size: 30g ) is for you who happened to have many small acnes or big pimples, popping up non stop and make you feel annoyed, use this.

Active Ingredients:
Adapalene 0.1%. inactive: Carbomer, propylene glycol, poloxamer 182, disodiumedetate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate 0.1%, phenoxytheanol 0.25%, sodium hydroxide, purified water

Third, CLINDOXYL (other alternative is Benzac) once a daily gel. Ingredients: Clindamycin 1% w/w (as clindamycin phosphate), Benzoyl Perixode 5% w/w (as hydrous benzyl perioxide)

How to use:
apply on in the affected areas once a daily in the evening. The affected areas should be thoroughly washed, rinsed with warm water and patted dry before application.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, lips. Other mucous membranes and damaged skin. Apply cautiously to the sensitive skin.

This medicine for acne using strong ingredients, because if you happened to have a big stone like pimples, then this medicine is the solution, apply only at night time. It will be gone by tomorrow morning.

This is the secret why my face always look like I have never suffered from acnes. Other acnes medicine that you can buy and not too heavy to use is Benzac Spot Treatment Gel, ingredients contained in this acne gel is only Benzoyl Perixode 5%. Doesn’t work like the Clindoxyl but it’s still good acne medicine. It won’t be giving you one-night solution (maybe 2-3 night)

Fourth, RETACNYL tretinoin cream 0.5% and 0.025%. 0.5% is much stronger than 0.025 %, my doctor gives me this and stop me to use the Differen gel, because my skin is dry but acne prone skin. This works almost similar to differin but gives more benefit to your skin, because it tightens up the skin and reduces wrinkles. Retinol is vitamin A, no matter what ages you are, using this will makes you 100% looks younger. Using this when you are in the ages of 18 years old but you must try to ask skincare expert for the brands and percentage that suitable for your skin. any brands offer retinol but tretinoin (highest form of retinol) is always prescribed by the doctor.

How I use Tretinoin without worry?

Monday and Tuesday: using Therapeutic cream followed by Rectanyl 0.025% or DIFFEREN GEL if there is any pimples use Clindoxyl gel. I not using my Ordinary Skincare Cold pressed rosehip serum but can use my Drunk elephant C firma serum, and use it before the Therapeutic cream.

The reason why not using the serum: it’s because the serum give me more moisturizer by then will block the entire treatment at this moment.

Wednesday: still the same sequence but this time using the Rectanyl gel 0.5%. at this moment, my skin is really gonna be very dry and the dead skin cell is eventually gone. No acne will come nor pimples and it feels like I got a new skin and feel like I just did my facial treatment in one of most expensive beauty clinic.

Thursday and Friday: repeat Monday and Tuesday activity

Saturday: if you feel your skin is already dry, then you can start using The Cold Pressed Rosehip oil by The Ordinary Skincare (if you get the feeling of pain or your skin become red when using the product, clean it with water and re-apply but this time without the ROSEHIP). Before that use, Cetaphil face and body cream, because this will give your face moisturiser that will enhance the skin to regenerate and produce new skin cells quicker. You can stop to use all the Rectanyl gel at this moment and give your skin rest for a while.

Sunday: repeat the Saturday activity, when you still feel your skin is dry. If you not, then use the Cetaphil face and body cream followed by Rectanyl 0.025%

The next Monday: apply Therapeutic cream and apply Rectanyl 0.025%

Next Tuesday: your skin probably gets better, use the Rectanyl 0.5% again and repeat the motion.

With this explanation, you probably notice that if your skin is dry use Cetaphil and stop all the treatment for a while and give your skin enough moisturizer. Then when your skin is back to normal, start the treatment again. Try to balance out. You only need to use a small amount of Rectanyl. DO NOT USE in thick cream, it will cause your skin to break up the next morning. If you have coconut oil at home, it also can help the skin regeneration after wrong use of retinol/tretinoin.

Please do research for all the gel medicine that I mentioned, so you will get more exposure about it. Don’t hesitate to ask anything in the comment and spill your tea!


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Disclaimer: Use with precaution and instinct. Balance the moist in your skin with the treatment. There is no acne treatment that won’t led your skin to be dry up.