Short formExplanation
AcnaicThe type of skin that have a lots of acne, due to hormones or pollutant environment.
Acne prone skinIt's all types of skin that easily get pimples, white/black head when using new product that is unmatch with the skin. Normally will occur when you are 17 – 35 years old.
Post Acne ScarsPost acne scars divided between 2 type:
1. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) – a local excess of dark pigment (melanin) following inflammation such as inflammatory acne. more commonly in augmented melanin individuals.
2. Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) – Areas of superficial blood vessel (red) remaining from the wound healing process, common after inflammatory acnes. more visible but not necessarily less common in lighter skin individual.
SLSSodium Laureth Sulfate; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; all types of Sulfate.
Water in skinMoisturizer either from outside or produce by our skin. Hyaluronic acid will enhance the water inside our skin and outside, it simple trapping the moist, so it stay longer in our skin. Those who have either oily/dry or even combination skin may lack of water in skin, due to the usage of acne treatment oily skin may need to use hydrating skincare to balance out moisturizer before the skin become wrinkles. for dry skin, it best to use Hyaluronic and Glycolic Acid, C serum, 2 layer of moisturizer, facial essence and Rosehip seed oil right after the use of face cream. Oil serum can blocked the benefit of other product that you applied after that, this is why I always suggest my readers on Instagram that you SHOULD apply right after all your skincare but if you use retinol then do not use any oil serum because it defeat the purpose of both skincare. For oily skin, you need to note that the oil in your face is not moisturizer at all, in any cost, it create sebum and later will blocked skin pores and turned to acnes. so, you need to consult with professional skincare doctor to balance out the moisturizer and oil/acne treatment. For all skin, it’s advisable by me that you really need to find face cream that is fragrance and oil free also non-comedogenic. you may skip to look at Asia brand, I only found that Hada Labo contained no fragrance and it’s oil free but may not be for all the product. why I asked those above? because fragrance can cause skin irritation, oil can cause acne and so does comedogenic. You definitely doesn’t want that. Some blogger may tell you it’s alright if skincare have fragrance inside but I don’t. My skin can handle it, and around my contour areas it will turn to red.
Non-comedogenicIt doesn’t clog or block your pores. Clogging pores is the first stage of acne’s.
Oil freeOil in beauty product ingredient will block your skin pores and having oil free skincare is necesssary especially for oily skin and acne prone skin or those who undergo acne treatment. It's always advisable even for normal skin condition to use non-comedogenic, oil free and fragrance free makeup and skincare.
Fragrance freeNot all skin condition can stand the use of fragrance, some bloggers will be ok for the use of fragrance but the fragrance itself will create skin irritations and redness or worst will be skin cancer. Fragrance normally can be found in any liquid and sheet mask especially, korean product/brand. It never been the ultimate warning in asia beauty community to say NO of the usage of fragrance and plant herbal extracts. Natural fragrance (plant herbal extract) are commonly alright to be use for our skin. Bowever, if the skincare product being a fragrance free meaning it won't cause any irritation as mentioned before and it's also contribute to better and healthy skun
Plant Herbal ExtractThe beauty community or bloggers will say that this is organic and good for skin. You can find it on liquid makeup of Bobbi Brown. The brand are famous for using plant herbal extract or Palladio beauty this drug store brand are always promoting the good use of plant herbal extracts. However, some people cannot stand the lots of many plant herbal extract in 1 product. The acnes starting to show up continuously or the skin start to develop irritation. How to avoid? Run a test around your neck skin after your cleanse it without the use of any skincare AT ALL, left it be for 24 hours and see if the skin start to react then it’s time you write on your skin note that you cannot use anything that contained plant herbal extract.