Beauty do-ing: Essence for perky breast? Is it working?

Beauty do-ing: Essence for perky breast? Is it working?

Hey pretty ladies.Welcome to another episode of Women Health. I think this is the first post of women health that probably not directly related to the health but our body parts. I personally love to dot body treatment at home, body scrubbing, body milk bath and everything. this post will be just a short post where I just want to share with you ALL.

WhenI doing my skincare routine likes usual, which I always love to uses more than what my face needs. In this case is the facial essence, so I manage to just apply it around neck and breast around. almost everytime I do my skincare, I rub it around neck and breast.

Then I figure out that after a couple of months, The skin around breast area becomes smooth. I know from my sister skin doctor in Indonesia and my OBGYN, that using skincare around our booby areas is good, and it’s better to use skincare also in that area, because the skin is as sensitive as our facial skin, except this area probably area acne-free, yet… it’s often that when you use bra too often, the skin around side area can turn a bit darker. It’s happened either due to your bra which is you gotta replace another brand that maintains the quality of their bra or you never put any lotion to care for that areas. Either way, there is lots of reason why that dark tone happened.

It happened with me last time, since then I am quite sensitive to my breast area. Let’s say that I keep my eyes on check within that areas, therefore I always apply body butter around the areas. If you happened to miss that is, please take care from now on. After you read this post, right away apply it.

Then I figure out after the 3rd month using facial essence that the boobs appear to be a little bit perky, in this case, is not as perky as after plastic surgery where you put silicone inside your breast but it’s lifting up a little bit and it’s smooth due to the facial essence. One word: I love the way it looks right now compared to before I applied the essence. I share this with a mindset that we all want perky and smooth boobs.

You can try this at home. There is no harm in trying even thou maybe it’s not working since our skin condition is different. Yours may work quicker than mine or slower than mine.


Happy trying, any more suggestion about healthy, glowing and attractive boobs. Comment down below and share with each other women.


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