Be a guest writer

I accept people’s who have a passion for writing or journalism and wanted to expand their portfolio by writing on my blog. If you feel that my blog can help you to expand your horizon and giving you the opportunity to grow as a passionate writer. Please read below before submitting your work:


How to?

  1. Choose one of your published article that you think is powerful and matches to our vibes. I encourage to write not longer than 700 words with at least 1 featured image. Simple, clear and informative.
  2. It shouldn’t be against copyright or copy of other work and material. I highly favor people who write with passion and not just for the sake of exposurePlease note, if you decided to write the article for this blog, you may not be publishing on either your blog or any other blog or website.
  3. Please watermark your work before you decided to submit.


What next?

  • I will be reviewing your work and send you to reply by 3-7 days time or even during the weekend. The reason of ling reply is because I have my daily routine and only can reply during my free time after I carefully review your sample work.
  • If you are selected, you will have your work published by me. You will not be given any of authors account, only selected permanent guest writer. You can put the link to your blog or social media channel and I will mention your name before and on above your article.
  • Your article link will be published across my social media channel. This also allows you to have more exposure on your skills and your own channel.
  • Please understand that I do not give out payment to you due to your request to be a guest writer of my blog, but giving you exposure prior to your work as a guest writer.
  • Your articles will be read by people across the world, so do your best. Whateever response you may be getting, it solely based on your work.


What do you permit to do?

You can put your blog/website, social media channel or even your biography and anything that you do to get you to expand your horizon on this industry.


What do I not permit?

  • I do not allow any kind of material that contain marketing, sponsorship or anything that related to brands/business exposure but yourself.
  • I support content creator by supporting your passion for writing and showcasing it on my blog.


Can I be the In-House freelance guest writer for this blog?

Yes, you can. If we both feel that we are destined to be together.


What the benefit of the In-House freelance guest writer?

You will have access with your account and learn to be a creative, such as graphic design, photography, the invitation to the beauty event, social networking with brands and other bloggers, getting to test out the new product and write for our main article (payment based).


Paid Submission:

Paid submission are available for business/brands who have their in-house content creator/writer/journalist and want to use my channel to reach and deliver message to my audience. Please contact me at INFO@FELICCINE.COM, for further information and assistance. Thank you

More Question:

If you have more question, please ask away. Please get to know my blog vibes before submitting any articles.