YAY! finally 30, to all of you who think why I am so happy reaching middle age. Of course, I am happy, this is where LIFE really start, but for some of us, life starts on 25. So, I will be only talking about my own perspective throughout this article.

This is the ages where I feel that I have to think about myself, such as what kind of person I have become and what I wanna do in the next couple of years, like do I really want to get married? have kids? or stay single? Is this the jobs that I wanna do?

I am not a type of person who thinks that at certain ages a female has to do this and then that and this and that. I dislike those kinds of things, it’s like dictating for no reason when I suppose the one who manages everything. Throughout my life, I move from different cities and countries, I feel grateful for that since I am not signing up to certain group rules or social rules. Each city and countries have their own basic social rules that I don’t think I ever liked even 1 of those rules.

I don’t really have that many close friends but since I am always jumped from this group of friends to other groups, that work fine for me. I am Gemini baby after all. I feel that life should be challenging and I often get bored so quickly when staying in a place. I have no ideas about how someone not going to travel around or live in different countries but still make friends to only the people that come from their countries. I mean, if you are studying or working in other countries, shouldn’t it be the opportunity to make friends from all the people around the world? Well… that’s for me.

On this 30 awesome years, I just notice that I feel much more sure with myself and what I wanna do in life. I am also not pressuring myself to adapt to people’s around me. I still want to feel that tingling sensation of a life that I want to lead. I wanted to move to another apartment and decorate according to my taste, and go out with friends that talk about life stuff. It is so much fun to have a small group of friend and visiting dreamy kind of places as I walk around Singapore, also going on a romantic date. Ah! that’s really been a long long time.

It is nice to fall in love. The only things that I feel so absurd about is when other females feel that I wanted to look like I am not 30? like how come I hide this age, so I am celebrating it. Also, there is other people who think that I do want to settle down, when I don’t think about it at all. I am not someone who is freaking out over those matter, because I feel I do have a choice for this type of things. I don’t have to get married just to start family or have to have a boyfriend/husband because I am reaching this age. what I often say for those who think that way is?

“That’s what you want and maybe you should have it”

But, if they do already lead those life, then I say:

“Well yea, you imagine this kind of life and those are YOUR IMAGINATION, not mine. Don’t portray to my life”

BUT, people are just being people. since when we never meet someone who doesn’t press their opinion, mindset or imagination towards others? Less or more to say that these kinds of people existed either they don’t really have an opinion at all or they never want to care about our business at all. I like the second better and yes because I am that kind of person.

I don’t really want to mix others business with mine. The only things that I have in mind is I wanted to find a job. I feel so bored blogging around. The money is good but it is still a very tough job. I have to manage this blog by coming up with new ideas to write about everyday. Entertaining people sometimes exhausting and to tell you the truth, there is lots of blogger who want to have full time job but they still need to feed themselves like me yet this is the only job that we have to pay our life bills. so, for you who work 9-5 jobs, please don’t say that we want this kind of stuff, ermm.. probably some influencers do, but not all of them.

There is still influencers who work full time job, I will be the one. I will still continue to work full time and less updating this blog, when I have full time job. I guess I need better and stable income. I get paid per project and not always, so it is really tough to have different income each month since I am not always get sponsorship every month, hahaha..

Well.. I guess that’s it! for those who is 3o and above, yeaayyy we finally did it! I am going to create content for all of you from now on. For those who is below 30, well.. I will still create content and you may possible find any of the articles that suitable for you on this site, you will also see different perspective from someone who is older than you to prepare from getting at this age.

Look up for the adult

And if you notice, I change the logo to ‘skin for 30’ with a girl sitting down drinking either coffee or hot chocolate/tea – that’s myself or all of us who is 30 and love to stay at home, get cosy with yourself.


Thank you for reading

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