All About You [Beauty Edition]

All About You [Beauty Edition]

Hi guys, I have been suffering from flu and sore throat. I eat Indonesian chili sauce. It’ so good that makes me having a sore throat. Anyway, I will be making photography tutorial on Instagram. If you see this post, You may want to think twice to follow me on Instagram because I often give photography tutorial. There will be before and after photo of this. The tutorial takes on next week, I give notice only on Instagram. There will be a bunch of edition, and graphics tutorial for you to check out. To see photography editing, you can go to highlight stories with the title ‘EDIT’ and you can see I put camera s the cover page.


So I saw this circulated again on Instagram, and I only picked 2 templates to redesign, since I don’t like grey or black color. I love the bright color.

I made IG stories templates for Beauty Edition. If you like Hologram and Mermaid + some cute animation, then you can screenshot the template on my IG stories page and shared it.

Go directly to my stories Feliccine stories


Click on the picture below and go to my stories. Template is only available on stories, and it’s forever available on Highlight Stories ‘Graphic Design’, I put everything there from phone wallpaper to IG stories template.


Please don’t delete tag name or even claimed it as yours, I have been telling this over and over again, just because some people took my IG post and told their audience that is theirs. I may be a small blogger like goes unnoticed for several people’s BUT that’s doesn’t give those people’s excuses to take my content away and claimed it. At least, even thou I small but I did everything my own.

I hope those people’s can appreciate other creativity by not claiming as theirs.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog. or following me on Instagram, I hope I can give you any knowledge or information about editing or even all digital world, you can use it to enhance your blogging or influencing skills. Anyway, I also need to thank everyone who submits my blog through Feedspot and even click on my link, following me on social media and even contribute to answering the polls. Thank you, for your hard work, I receive Award of Top 50 Indonesian Beauty Blogger rank #1. I really was thinking back then, if I can only get an award for my hard work, I won’t say “I never thought of getting an award..”, Of course, we all want an award, it’s a symbol of our hard work and achievement. It keeps me to keep going on and provide information, because blogger is sometimes being a swipe away and unappreciated by most as people as according to my experience but we will taked about it in on long story article. Have a good day.


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