I don’t write this article as someone who is mastering in skincare or even Tretinoin but I just wanted to share how most of us, especially in Asia have no ideas about Tretinoin at all. Looking on Insta influencers advice may not be the best suitable things for your skin. Some people have a totally different skin condition and from what I look, Insta influencer is often promoting exfoliation, while this excessive exfoliation may trigger a small bump and white head for skin like mine which is dry, sensitive and prone to acne.

You may want to digest, filter out and assume because what I am about to say is from my own knowledge and based from my own skin condition as well. I will not be advicing you to do exfoliation every day for morning and night routine. As much as I wanted to say that exfoliation is good, and yes it is good, but good things doesn’t have to be excessive.

I have dry skin, from what I know exfoliation is good for those who have combination and oily skin because it is hard for their skin to absorb all the nutrition given by the skincare, therefore using exfoliation tonic right before they started their skincare routine is necessary but what if? if you have dry and sensitive skin, especially those skin that is so easy turn red due to irritation. I will suggest just to do exfoliation once a week, because your skin is dry, if you often do exfoliation it may trigger the acne and let you natural oil gone even before the skin can reproduce it.

For me, I often do exfoliation once a month and then peeling every twice a month. I am still using BHA cleanser, but this I will be discuss it in other article too. This is the started to understand very specifically based from what I know about Tretinoin/Retinol.

A lots of brands sell it, people say that Estee Lauder Tretinoin is the best, however for me, I use the prescription Tretinoin – the highest form of retinol from my skin doctor. It is manufactured from galderma. I cannot show the picture because it is must be prescribed. I suffered from white head, small bump and even big stone like acnTretinoin are used to solve acnaic skin problem, however as I notice and talk with my dermatologist.

Tretinoin has been helping me so much with my wrinkles, acnaic skin, sensitive skin. I have found that using tretinoin in early ages is better than using those needle in aesthetic clinic, such as needle is for big pimples or even botox. I use Tretinoin when i was 26 years old till I am in my current age 30 years old. I have not found that my skin wrinkles yet. The use of Tretinoin balanced by moisturiser and hydrator, will keep your skin healthy and avoid any wrinkles. I also cut my coffee intake that could potentially make my skin really dehydrated. I don’t smoke either and still stay late till 1 A.M., Of course, I use makeup but I have not to use any foundation at all to cover up my acne or post acne scar between these 2 years already.

Some also say that eating animal fat could potentially turn into collagen for our skin, so I did try between these 3 years. I consume pork fat, that jelly looking fat – it does work to produce collagen for skin but, this should be balance with doing exercise such as walking for 1 hours every day. I cut my red meat intake because red meat could cause my gastric problem and also contribute to unhealthy skin, such as skin ageing. Some people should have eat red meat to produce red blood and this happened with my mom, therefore she use tretinoin and layering her skin with lots of moisturizer, hydration and occlusive.

My point of writing this article is if you could take a time to look Tretinoin as much as you look over exfoliation, that could potentially better for your skin. There is none of skincare blogger or even facialist that doesn’t recommend tretinoin on their blog. It is better than doing botox, and it is better to cure acnaic skin too. It’s also cured my cellulite around my tight toward my butt. I will list down the benefit of Tretinoin or retinol.


  1. Solve acnaic problem
  2. Reduce or taking care of wrinkles in your skin by tightening skin pores
  3. Could potentially be use to reduce cellulite
  4. Improves skin texture
  5. Solve uneven skin tone
  6. Stimulate blood flow and collagen
  7. Reversing sun damage and skin aging


  1. You cannot use this alongside with exfoliator
  2. You can only use this during night time due to photo sensitivity. Tretinoin cannot be exposed to sun or air too much, it doesn’t work in those condition.
  3. You can use before your skincare routine but for dry and sensitive skin I will recommend you to use after your skincare routine and after you use tretinoin, you may want to use hydrator mask that you can leave overnight. If the skin peeling occured try to reduce the amount of cream that you use and sove it with using more face mask


Rather than doing botox in an early age or have to use needle in order to solve my acnaic skin problem, I rather use tretinoin and acne cream. I am someone who will avoid the failure and side effect of using a needle in my skin. I am always sensitive to the choice for my skin. It is better to stick natural solve that having my face disfigured by the use of too many tools in an aesthetic clinic.


You may need to do research for Tretinoin on the internet and then ask skincare advisor to choose for you, it may need to take sometimes to choose the right one. You may also need to see ingredients from different brand of retinol.


I use Tretinoin – this is a highest form of retinol and I may not suggesting you to jump and use Tretinoin right away. You may want to search retinol and use the lowest percentage to begin with. The higher percentage is 0.05% – this is the percentage of Tretinoin that I use. It is a Vitamin A but different form have different name. According to WebMD:

“Retinol is a weaker, over the counter version of tretinoin, a prescription vitamin A derivative that is highly effective in reversing sun damage and signs of aging. “

This is the best solution for anti ageing skincare and many beauty brands has now using this ingredients into their makeup so be wary of any ‘anti aging’ marketing in the packaging.

Do some more research about Tretinoin and retinol. give it a thought before you do any botox. Share your thought about this article.

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