All About Lash Extensions: My Review by Melissa Bergen

All About Lash Extensions: My Review by Melissa Bergen

Ever had lash extensions before? A lot of women can embrace false lashes on a daily (and maybe you are one of them?) If you are not blessed with naturally longer, fluffier & luscious lashes – you will enjoy and need lash extensions in your life. It’s time to review them, and here are my thoughts!

What Is The Application Like?

Before you book your lash appointment, be aware of the application process. Plenty of women don’t get lash extensions since they are not sure about the application, and are afraid of it. However, the truth is, you shouldn’t be worried since everything can and will go smoothly! Once you come to the salon, your lash esthetician will ask you to come barefaced. You will lay on a table with your eyes closed for 60-90 minutes. During this process, your esthetician will glue on individual lashes one by one on top of your natural ones. Once they are done, you will have longer lashes, as well as a long-lasting outcome for weeks to come!

Are They Truly For Anyone?

Yes! You can get them, as long as you are not allergic to faux mink, mink, synthetic hair, or the lash glue itself. Every woman will easily enjoy a pair of lash extensions, just make sure you are okay with the upkeep. Lash extensions will need proper care. You shouldn’t use any alcohol or oil-based products if you want to prolong their lifespan. Try to avoid mascaras and lash curlers since these can’t do well and shouldn’t be used on top of your extensions.

How Long Will They Last You?

Lash extensions can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks. During this period you will have a voluminous outcome without even reaching for any lash makeup items! You could even skip applying eyeshadow if you are in a rush – and you’d still love your outcome!

Are They Better Than Glue-On Lashes?


This pretty much depends on what you want. Are you someone who likes shorter lashes, or maybe you want to switch your lash style frequently? If so, you will fancy glue-on lashes a bit more since they come in many different styles and sizes. However, if you need a sturdy outcome that can last you for 2+ weeks, lash extensions are a must-have for you! Also, you will enjoy them if you are off to an event that demands awesome support! Lash extensions are way more sturdy as well as trustworthy than glue-on ones.

Are They Expensive?

Well, they can be. Usually, you will pay for one set and the application of lash extensions around $50-100. This can depend and vary. This is because lash extensions are made with different materials, and every lash esthetician can bill it differently. If your lash expert is experienced and has several different diplomas or certificates – they can charge a bit more. But once you realize that these lashes will stay on for weeks, the price itself can be justified.

When To Wear Them?


Well, plenty of women love to get lash extensions for:

  • The prom 
  • Weddings
  • Exotic and tropical getaways
  • If they work at the office
  • If they want a long-lasting and sturdy change

You can easily wear them for other events, but often – they are a must-have for these five events/activities.

Are They High-Quality?

Yes, indeed! Lash extensions, once properly placed and glued down, can survive any weather conditions! They are sweatproof, heatproof, water-resistant, as well as cry-proof! They can survive steamy saunas, sweaty workouts, as well as pool dips! You can easily wear them to your headed event, and not worry a thing about them falling off, ungluing, or smearing – as your favorite mascara would!

When Should You Refill Them?

Lastly, remember that you will need a refill. If you end up liking your lash extensions – try to get them refilled around week two or three. This way you will maintain your length and volume, and you will save time every morning when getting ready!


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