Hi! my name is Felicia and I create this blog because I love trying out products and services that are available all over the world. Sharing my experience on this platform since 2014.

This platform has been part of my hobby, I often update things that I find it worthy to share. The blog has affiliate and product sponsorship, however I don’t take blogging or creating content as my full time job. I will write disclosure at the bottom end of the articles.

A little thing about me, I am a former beauty advisor – I’ve been in the beauty industry for as long as I can remember yet still always feel that beauty is my passion while blogging is always my hobby. I always love chirping about beauty and sharing it.

My blog has always been the place where I can throw all the beauty and other lifestyle stuff that I am so excited about it. I feel that I could connect with anyone who also passionate to make herself prettier and wanted to learn about it in other part of the world via this blog.

I am currently work with 9 am to 5pm schedule and my work require me to travel often. I will update this blog whenever I find something new to share and whenever I got time to create a blog post, because office jobs will require most of my time and creating one article with through information require time for research, information communication delivery, infographic and other relevant issues for you to gain knowledge before purchasing or engaging on the particular product/service you are interested with.

Therefore I mostly will just popped on my Instagram @feliccine, to share ‘mini review’ and some beauty service live on the spot, don’t forget to follow me there.

Say hi to me on: HELLO@FELICCINE.COM

Thank you for visiting this simple blog. I hope you enjoy it.


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