Hello there! 

I’m Felicia a full-time journalist, digital advertiser, podcaster and blogger of Feliccine.com, am running my lashes business and a writer for the MEDIUM publisher.

On this website, I provide content about beauty, lifestyle, travel and personal stories. I am also a podcaster that talks about what’s really going on in today’s worlds. I view this site as the informative and educational channel that allows me to share information to you.

If you want to say hi to me, please email: Info@feliccine.com.

For any collaboration, please email to our PR team: PR@feliccine.com

Frequently Asked Question

What is the meaning of FELICCINE? and why not naming this website with your name?

Feliccine contains alphabet of my first name and my sister. We are together establishing this blog and we both love fetuccine. We come up with FELICCINE because it is the shorter version of our name.


When and where is the website established?

This website is established in Singapore in 2016


When did you exactly start your journalism or writing passion?

I write since 2015 in community website for pocket money and for my own passion. Some site doesn’t pay people to write things but just to share it with the people, because I love writing, I don’t mind about it.


What’s the kind of motivation that makes you keep on writing?

I have the passion for writing, and I feel that by writing I could reach out to outside people. The Internet has been a good tool for me to share information.


When did you starting to realize that you are a communication journalist?

I started to realize after several times, brands asked me to come to the event and doing the interview. I feel that business has the impression that this website is my primary channel to speak about what’s new in the industry.


What’s makes you establish FELICCINE?

I have been planning to establish this site for a long time but never get enough amount of time to make content so, I waited till I graduate and also I gather some ideas to write on this site.


Do you share or teach people about content creation, social media marketing, and other stuff?

I provide tips that you can read on this page for blogging that you can find on this section. I also plan to provide E-pdf for those of you who is attracted to read about social media marketing, influencer marketing, even digital marketing and I want to share my skill in copywriting. Please search around in categories section on main menu at the home page for more content.


Thank you for visiting this website and hope you enjoy reading the content.

Please note that the content is free to read if there is any website claiming to have our RSS feed and asked for payment or subscription, please report to us

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