Feliccine is based in Singapore and found in October 2016. A weblog that dedicated to provide behind-the-scenes and sneak peek into the beauty industry. The blog also cultivated to a hungry mind of beauty lovers that love to study about ingredients that will improve their skin condition or just solving their skin problem. The weblog also provides female health tips from diet and food nutrition for women over 25 and above.

I named this blog based on the alphabet from my sister and my name, we came up with this name when we think about the food that we like and you guess right! we love fettuccine. With our name combine into fettuccine, the name Feliccine is popping into both of our minds. Most of the product on this blog is from our pocket money, I run all the content entirely on this blog. I also like to share my own personal thought about things that I love to talk about on tumblr, you can submit your post on my Tumblr or just chat with me.

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