Feliccine is published in 2016. I made this blog with a clear intention to create a platform where people can read a beauty review that is free from any influence and discuss the product experience. We living in a world, where the platform like the blog is a powerful tool to share information, but some people are making money on the platform like this, by providing artificial beauty review and mislead the readers into thinking that the product will be good. This blog, however, do not do any kind of that activity. Most of the product on this blog is I purchase and tested myself. If there is any product that is sponsored, gifted or even send as the sample will be clearly identified in the article itself.

I clearly not accept any type of collaboration that involve providing any artificial review in exchange of money. There is few brands that offer me of that type opportunity and I clearly rejected. I am the sole writer of this blog and me personally against brands who bully other blogger or content creator by treating them like a trash or prostitute.

On this blog, you can find the review of the product. I took the effort to test the product and study scientifically about the product ingredients. To comply everything into one review article for you to learn more about beauty, so this is a platform for beauty review based on research and testing procedural. I also provide blog coaching that involves taking the photo and graphic design lesson. You will also find me talking about nasty stories of the people in this industry or even my personal stories. If you find this blog on the first page of Google is because this blog has been the most clicked blog on 2017 and that’s can happen, because of you as the loyal readers who keep returning to the blog.

“Thank you! for being loyal readers and make this blog run until today”

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I accept any type of collaboration, sponsorship, gift or even sample to be send to my place. (Location: Singapore)

I will not make any earning by providing an artificial review, but I accept brands who want to send me their PR products, in an exchange with honest review post, that is not influenced by the brand itself. Do note that, the sample of products will not be sent back after I review, and please do understand that, I took time to test, snap the relevant picture, and write about it. Don’t rush! or peeking into social media with the wish of free exposure. I accept earnings on social media, Ads placing on the blog, and other collaboration opportunities, with brands or bloggers. For any other collaboration or work opportunity, that you have in mind, please send email to the following address:



  • I am not accepting any type of contributor to this blog. This is my personal blog that I want to write and make my own content.
  • I am not accepting any type of barter. such as reference link, in exchange of exposure on any type of digital platform, but earnings.

This blog is copyright register. You can find the labels indicator at the homepage footer. Thank you for reading this section.

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