ASIAN BABY GIRL MAKEUP TUTORIAL: Trying out girl drawing makeup look

Hello fairies, "I just found a drawing on Pinterest and decided to do the makeup look as on the drawing. Because it is so pretty, and also I love the makeup look. The looks is Asian Baby Girl looks with black hair.

I recently love b;ack hair girl drawing and feel that it is so cool, especially when they wear colored lens. Watch on my Instagram below and don't forget to follow me on IG. Thank you





Hello fairies🧚, this week I am doing the cutest and most adorable Nezuko Kamado makeup transformation, you can check out on my Instagram post:




If you are manga or anime lover, this anime is worth your time. I love it so so much. I always love demon anime. Also, I watch this anime on iQiyi, its free. The first season is available till episode 26, and the newest season will be available on June 2021, the production company promised us, but sometimes there may be a delayed in the process, yet I hope it will be early June.

The plot is in Meiji Era, where demon is lurking around in the night and it happened that Nezuko family died and she turned into a demon. However, since she love her brother so much, she turned her demon instict into more human and fight against demon.

Just so you know, the demon eat human flesh but not Nezuko. I am enchanted with this anime. I love how demon change and use their Blood Demon Art.The plot is big different than any anime/manga that you ever read.

This is Nezuko when she achieve to be a superior demon.
I hope you enjoy my makeup tutorial and thank you for supporting me as always. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Hello 🧚‍♀️fairy ε°η”œδ»™ ι—¨✨, today we are going to do look for blind date. This is as according to the polls that you guys answer on my Instagram @feliccine

I have been really excited to share with you this tutorial. You can watch here on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe ✌🏻 

Thank you, fairies 🧚‍♀️ 

My passion

Hi all, you might be totally confused when you open my website. I am back blogging again and blogging things that I am passionate about with also sharing my personal stories/life. I have wanted to do this for a longtime ago but since people know me as review writer therefore, I keep on going making review.


This decision has been made during 2019, at that time you may notice that I seldom write review anymore and I often just play with Instagram or vanish. These days during the lock down, I try to get fit and then fix my ownself. I wanted to feel better during the lockdown.


After much thought, I finally decided to just give it a try to do makeup tutorial. I wanted to try growing my YouTube but it feel like YouTube content far more professional and I am still newbie doing video content so I tried my old platform which is Instagram and my audience love it, so every week I publish new makeup video on the platform.


I also try to grow TikTok. It was fun and I feel much healthy mentally because normally on Sunday I feel so emo doing nothing. Like it is not productive but I have to continue producing content for my audience. I move all my review article on the main menu above or, you can still access it freely now


I need to monetize most of my 6 years content since I needed money to continue living and cannot just rely from brand collaboration and sponsorship alone,. To be honest since last years, I have not received any brand collaboration and I can understand that lots of company close down and lots of people got retrench, loss their job. So there is possibility that company also lower their marketing expenses because lots of people won't be randomly spending their money.


We are still in the middle of vaccination season, it may get worse or better soon but I hope it get better soon because I also want to have full time job, has been applying for a new job these few days and drinking coffee for 2 glasses because I need to maintain my content creation also looking for a job so more energy needed to go through a very productive day and I am excited.


Anyway, I hope you continue supporting me from time to time. I am still gonna do review from time to time too. That's the first element people know about me so I won't be just forgetting about it but perhaps the median to share for my review will be different this time. I hope that you continue by following me on my social media below:

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Thank you.




Hello lovelies, finally posting newest makeup tutorial since I bought my red cheongsam on Shopee Indonesia 
actually want to replace to white cheongsam instead but since RED is 福 sign for us chinese therefore I just continue with my purchase.

So this time the cosplay is