HYUNAH ‘I AM NOT COOL’ makeup tutorial

Hello love, thanks for waiting. This Friday I am doing a makeup tutorial for Korean look. You do know who is Hyunah, right?
She is 4 minutes member and she is now doing solo album. One of the greatest hit is I am not cool. She has so many different style.

Then I decided to just pick one of her makeup style when she wear the hair accecories with black bob hair but since I am on budget so I just wear hair chain and my new sabrina top 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, just to let you know that korean makeup look always focus on natural and eyeshadow application. They less using contouring and highlight. So I decided to let go the contouring and just do nose tip highlight. And I also use brow powder to get natural brow look since my brow is really thin.

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