ABGirl Makeup Tutorial: DayTonight look

Hey makeup junkies, this makeup dedicated to all of you who dislike a fuss of changing your makeup when you have to go out from 2:00 pm till night time like 1:00 am in the morning on Saturday night.

This makeup looks happened to cross in y mind because I always head out earliest on 2:00 om till 11:00 pm at night but if there is discount or sale till midnight then I stay late, and go back home 1:00 am in the morning. I dislike the fuss to change my makeup, but doesn’t want to look too much glam during the days but I want the glam at night.

What I use for this makeup look and how I do my makeup, watch on my IG @feliccine, don’t forget to catch with me every Friday 7:00 pm for my new ABG makeup look.

Watch the makeup tutorial: