Hello lovelies, today will be the time where I share about my treasure hunt. Recently, I discovered a new salon in town. As you all know, I have thick and dull hair. I have just colored it recently and am pretty sure that I will need to go for regular treatments to prevent further damage to it. Therefore, I was on the lookout for a salon that could possibly entice my budget

Singapore is a humid and hot city. Most of the time I am taking public transport to travel out. Moreover, with this current COVID-19 situation, I am more particular over washing it every day. So after going out to work or whenever I go out for grocery shopping, I wash my hair. Too much washing, in turn, is making it more prone to dryness and dullness. So, I am applying more moisturizer than before because applying conditioner during shower alone is just no

One reason why I aim for the new treasures is because they will have many discounts available. They will also share all their discount codes and vouchers around for first-timers like us to try them out. From what I know, hair treatments will always cost more. This is because I will need to go for regular sessions at least once every 2 months.

Very soon, I found YOON Salon online. And after a quick visit to their Facebook page, I got the impression that they are confident. Their ability to show their work online is so awesome! They have their own unique style that’s different enough than others and yet still appealing enough for me to go and try it.

I also discovered that they just recently launched in Singapore. They have been receiving positive reviews so far and I can’t seem to find any unfavorable comments from the customers. As you may well know that customers in Singapore are kind of hard to serve. The pressure is really there for a new salon to leave a good and unique impression on the customer. Only then a customer will feel confident to try their place and feel welcomed.

For a new salon, everything will be a challenge from the start. They need to build their loyal customer base once they open. This means that they need to provide their customers with very good service. Also, if you think that they only need to please their regular customers, then you may be totally wrong. They also need to please their new walk-in customers. This group of people may suddenly remember that they wanted to do something for their hair when passing-by the salon or while strolling around in the area. Singapore is a tourist and shopping destination, this group of walk-in customers will often come by. They also need to be served with class. Then only will they also turn into loyal customers, And yes, I also have turned into one of YOON’s regular customers.


Let me share with you more about them. It is a leading salon in Singapore with highly professional stylists to turn your dull hair into fabulous tresses in no time. It has a dedicated team to serve you. They have stylists who aim to ensure that their clients walk out with a wide satisfied smile. They are well-versed in coming up with fresh and stylish haircuts. They also provide scalp and hair treatments according to clients’ needs. Their vision is to help clients to combat their issues and exceed their expectations.

One service that YOON provides and is very proud of is the use of gentle and premium products. These products will pamper and rejuvenate your locks by making it luscious and desired looking. They also offer a range of styling services that you can choose from. Their dedicated team is ever-ready to confidently offer professional and exceptional service to us.


Since they mostly use only high quality and premium products for their customers, all the services they provide have a premium tag with them:


1. Bleaching, variation as below:

Bleach Lightening

2. Creative Colouring, variation as below

Other Creative Hair Colouring

3. Standard Colouring, variation as below

One-Tone Colouring
Grey Hair Coverage
Hair Root Retouching

1. Rebonding, variation as below:
Straight Rebonding
Soft Rebonding

2. Perming, variation as below:Korean S-Curl Perm
Korean C-Curl Perm
Korean Wave Perm
Japanese Perm
Root Volume Perm
Pin Curl Perm

3. Shaping, variation as below:
Volume S-Curl Rebonding
Volume C-Curl Rebonding

Treatment, variation as below:

2. Hair Regrowth Treatment.
Hair cut
Wash and blow


I tried their Volume S-Curl Rebonding and the result was really impressive! For the first time in my life, I saw a change. It’s so much thicker and bouncier!  Louis Ng – 27

First time doing Korean C curl and I am impressed with the results. The specialists are very knowledgeable and gave me tips on how to care for my c curl. Will come back again to try their other perming.  Jennifer Liu – 32

Tried their hair grey coverage, after a month the color still stayed on well. The coverage is very lasting, definitely worth it. Rachel song – 43


 “Affordable hair cut with experienced stylist. Could not be happier for my look and wallet. Kudos to the team” Matthew Lai – 28


“The scalp treatment was extremely good and affordable! I used to have very oily scalp after the treatment I feel that my scalp is cleaned and refresh, even after a week” Lee Jia Wei – 35


They use premium products only
They promised on all their channels that they provide good service
They have built trust as a newcomer of Singapore leading premium hair salon


Havelock II

2 Havelock Rd, #01-04

Havelock II,

Singapore 059763

Opening Hours

Weekday: 11AM – 9PM

Weekend: 11AM – 9PM

PH Eve | PH: 11AM

Tel +65 6223 0224


220 Orchard Road, #01-02

Midpoint Orchard,

Singapore 238852

Opening Hours

Weekday: 11AM – 9PM

Weekend: 11AM – 9PM

PH Eve | PH: 11AM – 9PM

Tel: +65 6235 3826


1 Queensway, #02-29

Queensway Shopping Centre,

Singapore 149053

Opening Hours

Weekday: 11AM – 9PM

Weekend: 11AM – 9PM

PH Eve | PH: 11AM – 9PM

Tel: 6261 0913

Tel: 6223 0224