Unlike anyone who mentioned all the bad things of 2019. For me, 2019 bring me something good. For example: getting my new job, knowing that someone is not mean for me after 5 years and all the answer that I really wanted to know for so long and now I know. 2020 perhaps will be more stable years for me.

Let’s get on to talk about my blogging and content curation job. I still will be doing my content curation however, I needed to find some time to do it and also worked out with my mood as well.

I mostly exhausted, stress and suffer from fatigue. I am thinking a lot these 3 months since it is my probation period. I met lots of new people around, and I realize that people do have their own pattern. So I can only forgive myself not to be so understanding to what’s going on their head.

I will always love creating content and recording my podcast. Also, write my blog. I think I wanted to record tutorial videos and see if that’s will be better platform to share my passion.


To tell you further – for anyone who saw my instagram stories. I did mentioned about brands who sent me gift and expected something in return.

Right at this moment since I got a job already. I will reject any brands who just wanted to use my platform without even know the value.

It’s not easy to spend some time between my busy time for the sake of free stuff. I am not so free anymore to do such a things. I have rejected 3-5 brands in a month.

Using ‘passion’ without payment – seems rather ambiguous and dreamy to me. For example: painter have a passion to paint stuff but at the end, they still want reward to continue living. That’s also happened for me. The same.


Each years, I grow to be better. That’s always be my pray. I want better brain and lifestyle. Most of us seek that ways and I am so grateful to be granted a life in this world. To enjoy every single things that other human create to fulfilled dull moment. For example: writing my blog. If anyone doesn’t make the platform. How could I be a blogger?

Lastly, I wanted to say that:

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to find time to create content like I used to be. This life is not all about work..work.. I am too need to fulfilled my creative self. It’s eager to be release.“


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