Hello tech junkies, I can now sharing about tech on my blog. I always so enthusiast with Apps development and software update. Tech has been part of my blog journey too. Without it, this blog may not be happening.

This article will explain about IOS 13 BETA and my own impression with the beta program. You can sign up via this link and follow the instructions.

WARNING: If you try this BETA, expect that your phone will be full of bugs and some apps will not be working like normal since the IOS update is not perfect yet.


I though this feature will be similar to facemoji yet, this particular emoji can only be use on Imessage, and it turned as an image when I use it on other chat apps such as Whatsapp or Telegram. It is not really useful since I use mainly those other 2 chat apps than Imessage.


The dark feature is the new added feature on IOS 13. Does it even useful? As for me, it is not that useful. Reason why? If other apps doesn’t provide any dark mode, it is useful. For example if I click on Whatsapp or Lightroom mobile, these two apps doesn’t have dark mode, so in turn whenever I click on this apps, the screen turn to light. Not that useful eh


If you are someone who bored with font on your current IOS and you want to update to the IOS 13 BETA version, hold yourself. The font is not there. Stop yourself from updating to the beta version, or else you regret it.


This particular changes is not noticeable yet, I can see the the font is a little bold than usual and you also have download feauture when you download file on safari now. I think this is the most useful update from IOS 13.


Phone Gallery changes all the interface, when you open the ‘photos’, it divided between years, months, days and all p-hoto. When you click on the option, it will take you to the date that you choose. The sharing suggestion now is using scroll down, while album is using the swipe right and you can use search options. This is great for those who always store lots pf phone.

Reminder is changes to be very useful. There is option for flagged, scheduled, today and all the reminder list. For someone like me who need to remind myself to update blog notifications to social media and running my errands, it is useful

Shortcut is available in the BETA update, but I never use it. I don’t think that having a shortcut is important if you have less than 30 apps on phone but whose download that many apps unless they want the smartphone to drain easily. Having way too many apps could reduce the life span of the smartphone. It is still better to use tablet to carry all of those apps.

Alarm is changing the UX into something that I dislike. They combined Bedtime alrm together with alarm, this is good but the edit option is not necessary at all. Previoulsy we just slide to turn on/off for the alarm, with this new ‘edit’ button, it does makes me forget to click on the ‘edit’ and slide my alarm. Nah! not fancy the fuss.

Subtitle – I have no ideas if previously this feature is there but I will just write it here. There is subtitle and also voice feature available. This is the reason why I like Iphone, they consider the disable. Person with visual and hearing impairement can use this smartphone.


First, if you are someone like me who need blog ideas to write and doesn’t mind your phone have lots of bug and unusual freeze. It doesn’t even let you to use the block text then continue to download this update.

BUT, if you are some who often use your phone much. You will feel annoyed. All of this side effect gets into the apps that you need to use as important part of communication. For a blogger like me, I use telegram, whatsapp and instagram – these 3 apps has changes into something that I dislike to use. The screen is often glitchy. Not to say that with the phone gallery changes, it is so hard to track the photo and when I try to scroll below in quick/fast way, the phone freeze and back to home screen.

The last time, when I try to changes my ICloud account, it doesn’t even let me sign in, till I have to wait in the middle of the night to do it. That’s when the settings is already calm down, and let me use them.

To further tell you, the phone seems like having cancer and it need to perform surgery. But, this is actually caused by my boring problem and curiousity. Also, The screen glitchy often, like it trying to adjust.

Yet, I just want to highlight to you. You do not need to download the BETA, unless you prepare with all of those bugs and sudden phone freeze.

Also, with all of these bugs. Apple still accepting any feedback and immediately fixed it as you request. It just that if the problem arise and you need to keep giving feedback it is a hurdle yet it is the main point that you sign up for this beta launch. Not to mention that the email seems doesn’t integrated well with the internet, i had to keep refreshing the page. I could say that the BETA UI is 88% near perfection but several stuff need to be fixed. I will be reverting back to IOS12. Additional info for you, some apps that you often use may be suffering from force close and it’s literally annoying.


The phone started to get glitchy. My instagram camera is glitchy and when I open few apps the screen starting to flicker a bit. I try to do recovery mode by pressing on/off with home button twice to remove the bugs. It causes by bugs as I do research on google. Some of my payments cannot go though when I need to use my AppStore to purchase or subscribe apps.

For glitchy on Instagram camera, I may have the ideas that it is because of the newest update on Instagram. The app started new feature of hiding likes that must affect the user. Some user did complained that they cannot even use the camera, cannot login to the account and suddenly get notifications that they are temporarily blocked from using likes and comment option.

I get blocked yesterday and I immediately press ‘Tell us’ since I am 100% sure I didn’t abuse the option. I only liked 10 post and comment on 4 post. It immediately back to normal again. It is yesterday that Instagram started to test hide likes in several countries. Hoping that they will start to hide likes in Singapore and Indonesia too. This two countries is the country that is too focused on Instagram.


If you already update to this BETA version, you can still reverted back to IOS 12.

For BETA tester, Apple give legal certificate of APPLECARE for you. From AppleCare Profile Signing Certificate (with validity date) and Apple Integration 2 Certification Authority (with validity date).



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