Have you experience dry and dehydrated skin? and turned into rash skin when you are travelling in long hours? I did! omo! you have no ideas how much skincare that I have to use just to get my skin to calm the f**ok down. 
Then I have to bear not wearing any makeup at all when I travel. Saying good bye to pretty travelling selfie, I look extremely ready to sleep in the plane, hahaha! If you are having the same experience, then below tips will be useful for you. I have discover the solution for this and I share down below ✌


I notice as I travel abroad quite often that it is not necessary to put on your best makeup since on the airplanes, the skin will become dry. The airplane condition is humid. It also increase our dehydration level. It is very much recommended to drink more water.




I either use sheer or no makeup at all. For sheer makeup, I use Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser SPF 15 with BenNye setting powder and lip color balm from Lipstick Queen. Best makeup is actually without setting powder and use cream blush to make illuminating and glowing effect, so the skin appear less dehydrated and it also keep your face looking brightfull.

I personally like to use Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic cream stick blush, I can adjust the it around my face and make it look like a natural looking blush. The color which have glistening effect like a highlighter will create a luminous makeup look.


I will put HADALABO Gokuykjun sheetmask on my bag. At night, I will use Senka Sheetmask and layering my skin with Hydrating cream in the next morning with face oils. After back to the hotel, I will put my sheetmask again to prevent my skin from breaking out due to the dehydration.



I will not be putting any makeup and avoid using thick foundation for this flight since I plan to do my skincare routine on the plane.


Cleansing oil or Micellar before doing my routine, then I use my sheetmask after that I apply my essence, layering with hydrating cream, eyecream/serum and face oils. This routine stick for 6 hour straight. So, if I travel for 16 hours, I will do twice of this skincare routine but 1 routine in the plane, however, since before I travel I have put on my skincare then I will wait for 6 – 8 hours before doing my next skincare in the plane.

Back at the hotel, I will use sheet mask and layering my skin with more hydrating and moisturising cream, especially the skincare that gonna plump my skin. I will wakeup with refresh skin and ready to use my makeup.

Are travelling making your skin dry too?






Hello lovelies ladies, Sheetmask has been part of beauty community discussion for decade and beauty brands has starting to create different kind of sheetmask, from gel, fiber, pulp and bio-cellulose. I will explain as you scroll down on this page.

the right way to remove your sheetmask is from bottom not from the top, and also any other concerns such as applying sheetmask after cleansing and lots of it. So, I am here to just share with you the proper ways of using sheetmask.



is a paper sheetmask that is cheap and most of us are using this type of sheetmask. The most expensive sheetmask that uses this quality is about $5.00 a box (contain 5 sheetmask) and some of them contains artificial fragrances as well. This paper like sheetmask makes skin easily absorb moisturiser but it also evaporated very quickly. I often use 2 sheetmask for this quality to tackle my dry and dehydrated skin. You can always spot it on drugstore. You need to lay down, to use this sheetmask.


is a type of sheetmask that is similar to fiber sheetmask above, the only things different is the uneven gap when you apply it in your skin, you can feel that the sheetmask is loose somehow, it not because the design is bad but that’s how the sheetmask quality is. It is also evaporated quickly but you can use it without laying down.


is a best sheetmask quality for all skin type, this sheetmask last very long and doesn’t evaporated quickly in skin yet somehow it is very pricey. I find HadaLabo premium gel sheetmask to be useful with the price of $5.00 for 1 single sheetmask. Beauty brands normally divided the sheetmask between 2 side (top and bottom of face) it somehow feel slippery to me, so I need to lay down in order to use this sheetmask. The fabric also thin and it can tear easily. The sheetmask always contain ingredients that will makes your skin brighten and moist.


This type of sheetmask somehow looks like a hydrogel sheetmask, yet you can notice that the sheetmask texture somehow a little bit rough with vertica and horizontal lines around, and you need to peel off the plastic and use it. It does somehow fitted your face. This sheetmask is good for hydrating and treating dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, this sheetmask appear to be useful to reduce redness around. It doesn’t evaporated quickly or even dry out.

You may want to choose according to your budget and needs, most of sheetmask serve to hydrate and moist your skin in an instant way. It is like first aid kit for your skin.

Now, after understanding the type of sheetmask. You also need to understand the proper way of using sheetmask. Most people remove the sheetmask and cleanse their skin, with a thinking hat it is dirty and sticky “so gotta cleanse that moist that I just applied in my face and wauited for 20 minutes”.

While some others not removing their sheetmask and use it overnight. They thought the sheetmask as replacement of their skincare and something happened to their skin, they goes on ranting about the brands “that must be the fault of this brand – how come they sell such a lousy product” and go into search the proper sheetmask that fitted to how they apply it, instead of researching the proper use of sheetmask.

This is the reason why I dislike to see the review on blog or beauty site is because I have no ideas how they use the skincare and also it is not form of discussion but throwing opinion. While in community like Reddit, the discussion goes on by sharing tips and asking question – solving problem.


First step is to have your face cleanse with facial cleanser. The proper way to cleanse your face is by using oil cleanser and follow by water base cleanser. If you have dry and sensitive skin, you may want to pick facial cleanser that is friendly to your skin. The good facial cleanser is the one that is not make your skin tight afterwards.

Second step, if you are using acid such as C serum or salicylic acid, or any others. You need to use it after your cleanse your face.

Third step is to apply your sheetmask. After few minutes you feel is enough. Take out your mask from the bottom. Do not wash your face but wait for 10 – 15 minutes till all the essence is absorb, then apply your skincare.


Sheetmask is an instant essence that give direct benefit to the skin. Some say that it is more than just essence, which I persoanlly feel that it may be truth since I can feel the changes in my skin directly than just essence, yet it is also part of our skincare sequence. It is good to add sheetmask every now and then from young age, the more moist in your skin the more younger your skin will look.